Public and Church Schools receive a free access to Noplag

A charity initiative for educational establishments is presented by Noplag – all students and staff of public and church schools or colleges have received a completely free access to online plagiarism checker. Noplag challenges all the stereotypes about free plagiarism checkers lack of speed and accuracy, as it is highly competitive with the best-renowned plagiarism detection software. It offers an efficient three-fold check for plagiarism conducted against web pages, publications stored in repositories (both public and private) and Noplag’s own database of academic papers. Get your account and check all students’ works for similarities to receive a detailed report on each document with the list of sources and plagiarism percentage.

Church Schools and Colleges

Have you noticed your students to avoid citation marking?
Do you want to teach them not to cheat but work independently?

Today it is not necessary to waste your time on checking all the papers separately with the help of an accurate and fast Noplag plagiarism checker to give a deserved grade for a copied paper. Provide each student with an attached plagiarism checker report on their works and it will teach them to appreciate your time and efforts. As a result, you will work more productively reading only original papers and praising your learners for their accomplishments. Don’t lose a chance to get free Noplag accounts for each of your students to improve their academic achievements. It is enough to provide your contact information and we will make you an offer that can’t be refused.

Public Schools

Looking for ways how to avoid your students’ cheating?
No desire to grade identical works?
Want to have a reliable but simple to use plagiarism checker?

Noplag is the only right solution – a fast and accurate plagiarism detection software designed for school use. Being a real breakthrough it is also an absolutely free tool for public schools and colleges. Noplag has offered a donation program in accordance with which students get free accounts to make their education even more productive. You may start using Noplag checker today already if you fill in the order form below. We will contact you as soon as possible to allow you and your students to make the most of using high-quality, plagiarism checker.

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Noplag is a socially responsible company that works according to social responsibility principles and policies. We care about academic communities, the communities’ welfare in general and each student’s welfare in particular. As part of our social responsibility framework, we have developed and are happy to announce the education charity program or Noplag charity for Church and Public schools.

As part of our donations for schools program we offer free plagiarism checker for colleges/universities and church sponsored education institutions. The offer is part of Noplag investment into free and effective education and Noplag contribution to education of youth.

In modern academic education, plagiarism software for schools can hardly be overestimated. Today, plagiarism is the number one problem for anyone dealing with academic writing. The problem is that many students do not really understand what plagiarism is and what should be done to avoid plagiarizing. Teaching staff face difficulties when it comes to citation styles and reference rules. Many students simply get lost when it comes to referencing, and plagiarize not on purpose but without intention. In this case, plagiarism checker software will be helpful both for students and teachers.

Another problem with plagiarism is that students are often overwhelmed by assignments, papers, etc. Thus, they have to face the temptation to copy-paste passages from other people’s works. Also, in modern world people have to deal with loads of data and information. In this context, a person may easily quote someone else’s work without even understanding it. In such case, college plagiarism checker provided by Noplag will help detect plagiarism and check student paper for originality, so that they understand what to work on. The worst scenario is when intentional plagiarizing happens. In this case, when it is necessary to detect plagiarism in student papers and assignments, plagiarism checker for teachers will help.

Today, most academic institutions already understand plagiarism is a serious problem that demands urgent and complex solutions for plagiarism detection and prevention, as well as for instructing students and teachers. Thus, educators recognize the importance of using plagiarism software for universities/colleges/schools/private schools. The problem is that not every education institution can afford to buy the software. Also, using that kind of plagiarism checker may be beyond students’ and teachers’ reach. Noplag charity initiative for church and public schools addresses the issue.

We believe that quality education and academic integrity really matter in the modern world. Therefore, we have established Noplag donation for Church and Public Schools which will improve the quality of education in church and public schools, and make life easier for academic writers and teaching staff.

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