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A Christmas Carol The Sequel Ever since those three spirits visited Scrooge he has been a better person This story is going to explain how that happened As you know Scrooge woke up from hearing voices then he saw the ghost of Christmas past The ghost said Rise and walk with me So Scrooge got up and went with the ghost to the past There they saw images from when Scrooge was a child then to where he was an adult One of the memories that saw was when he was a child was He saw himself as a lonely child in a school building This may have caused grief and sadness which had have been a leading cause of feeling empty which means that he was filled with greed instead of the right thing Once he was filled with greed many years later he meet a sweet young woman named Belle Which was a happy memory for Scrooge but the next memory was not as pleasant as that first one Instead Scrooge was actually a little upset about it I think that he felt a little bit of regret because he was being rude to Belle in this memory After that he told the Ghost of Christmas Past to leave him So he left a while later Scrooge then went back to sleep A few minutes later Scrooge awoke from a bright light shining through the cracks of his door Scrooge got out of his bed and the door suddenly slammed open So he walked in It was a large room gleaming with light Ïnside there was a man sitting on a throne I am the Ghost of Christmas Present he said as Scrooge walked in Once Scrooge had walked up to him Touch my robe he said to Scrooge So that is what Scrooge did

After that he went with Scrooge to the present One of the visions was his niece had invited him to his Christmas party but Scrooge had said no They knew Scrooge was not there so they began to play a game making Scrooge sound like a terrible person But afterwards his niece said that he actually felt sorry for Scrooge Scrooge may have felt embarrassment of people thinking this of him but at the same time anger Then Scrooge and the ghost travelled to the Cratchit family s house Everyone in the family was there including Tiny Tim After watching them all there for a while Scrooge asked what would happen to Tiny Tim THe ghost said that he saw an empty chair at the next Christmas and in the corner a crutch with no owner This made Scrooge terribly sad because Scrooge then asked why Tiny Tim deserved to die The ghost then mocked what Scrooge had said before by saying If he are to die the he better do it and decrease the excess population Scrooge then felt terrible Take me back spirit he said Then they appeared somewhere else My time here on this Earth ends tonight said the ghost Then he just faded away After that a shadowy spirit appeared Are you the spirit of Christmas yet to come Asked Scrooge The spirit said nothing and didn't move

Then the spirit suddenly jumped up and they traveled to a vision it showed four men talking One said It's good now that he's gone They all laughed It will probably be a cheap funeral said another One said I ll go They all looked at him If they provide lunch he said They all laughed again maybe even harder Scrooge was angry Then the ghost took him to another vision in a graveyard Spirit who was the man that was dead The ghost then silently pointed at a tombstone Scrooge dusted it off and saw that it spelt Ebenezer Scrooge Scrooge then had the look of fright on his face No Spirit please may I change the present to make a change for the future So the spirit took him back to his home where he awoke It was morning That's when he started running around and being really happy and that's what changed him Now onto a small story It was ten years later and Scrooge was very grateful of those three ghosts He loved Tiny Tim and his family greatly Almost everyday he went to stop by It was Christmas day and he stepped into the Cratchit's house Hello Mr Scrooge said Mrs Cratchit What a pleasant surprise Good morning Mrs Cratchit said Scrooge Hello Mr Scrooge Said Tiny Tim as he walked in the room Hello Young Tiny Tim Said scrooge I have something for you Really Said Tim Here you go said Scrooge Tiny Tim opened his gift and a small brown puppy jumped onto him Thank you so much Mr Scrooge Said Tiny Tim God Bless you scrooge we are very grateful Said Mrs Cratchit No God Bless you Mrs Cratchit God bless us everyone said Tiny Tim

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