Essay Example on A cybersecurity event is defined as an event resulting in unauthorized Access








Introduction A cybersecurity event is defined as an event resulting in unauthorized access to disruption or misuses of an information system or information stored on such information system Brubaker 2017 Cybersecurity main purpose to provide protection to the data in the system from illegal access The importance of the cybersecurity is increasing everyday more and more in government organizations and people who are process and save large mount of sensitive data in the network Having efficient cybersecurity product or service can secure organization sensitive data Detecting breaches from happening can save the organization a lot of money that can be used and invested in company s development and growth Analysis Innovation plays an important role in cybersecurity industry because it helps to protect the system from attacker that want to damage the company's resource All companies should allow their security architecture to include innovation in their plan We read in the news that many companies recourse getting attacked in the daily basis that why they need for innovation since the recent technologies is not helping Attackers are continually innovating and evolving their capabilities so there needs to be innovation and evolution of defense capabilities to achieve any success Ashford 2015 Cybersecurity can help safeguard organization network by allowing innovation and search for new solution and evolving capabilities in the marketplace By adding innovation in their plan this will make it easy for companies to draw their security budgets to lower the business risk and meet stakeholder expectation

One of the major developers of cybersecurity related inventions is FireEye FireEye is security platform that uses combinations innovative safety technologies that provide breach protection to government companies all over the world The FireEye Threat Prevention Platform provides real time dynamic threat protection without the use of signatures to protect an organization across the primary threat vectors and across the different stages of an attack life cycle Poremba 2017 The main purpose of FireEye platform to provide services and products to identify and protect the system against threats by blocking the cyberattacks in real time Another type of developer is IBM and IBM integrated protection that devoted to their customer success with providing new innovations that can help business worldwide Also IBM provides each organization with security portfolio that is customized and work for their business needs IBM Security s primary services include security intelligence and analytics identity and access management application security advanced fraud protection data security and privacy and infrastructure protection Aspa 2017 Lastly Shape Security Inc was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in California Shape Security a shape shifting cybersecurity startup that helps websites and apps prevent automated attacks through constantly changing their source code revealed it has now closed a 40 million funding round which includes a strategic investment from Hewlett Packard Enterprise s HPE Hewlett Packard Pathfinder program Sawers 2016

The company provide some services such as ShapeSHifter Elements mobile application real time application to protect web and Shape Protection Manager and many more Their products and services are suitable for government financial retail and healthcare companies etc Keep on being attacked and risks threatens has bad effect on company and will ruin the organization reputation in the industry There are some technology innovations impact risk and risk management in the cybersecurity such as cloud Clouds offers everyone many benefits like give individuals more control over their process easy to share document reduce costs and many more however it leads to increase security risks For example the main threat to many companies now a day is data breach because they save important data in the cloud I believe the best way to protect organization network against this type of attacks to lower the risks by develop a comprehensive risk management plan Moreover to include policies and practices that covers the company devices data and system Provide security training and awareness to the stakeholder about the policy depend on the company job functions It very important to look at those technology risk management policies that include for example do not share login information or passwords with anyone

Also do not open any emails that sent from unknown senders because it could be a threat and this can give attackers access to the company network Lastly keep the system up to date and regularly install new version of products or services will help lower the risks and protect the system Summary Cybersecurity is sets of process and practices used to safeguard networks data devices from threats or unauthorized access Many companies goal is finding new innovation that help meet their expectation and protect their system Attackers are repeatedly innovating and developing their abilities how to attack a system that's why companies needs to be ready and needs for innovations to defense and protect their infrastructure Some of those major developers of cybersecurity related inventions are FireEye IBM Shape and many more Technological innovation risks in business are continuously growing and developing especially the risks associated with cloud computing and data storage Therefore implementation of effective security measures provide policies provide awareness must take into account because it could help companies to protect their critical information and systems

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