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A flipped classroom consists of students exposed to new concepts outside of the classroom via video The time in class is used for activities This differs from the traditional classroom as the traditional classroom tends to be heavy on lecture while activities such as homework are completed outside of class Both types of classrooms require the teacher to actively engage with students in the learning process Pros It promotes student centered learning and collaboration Instructional time is used to obtain greater understanding of objectives through the use of collaborative projects and discussions Students can learn the concepts from each other while the teacher facilitates learning Students also have ownership of their learning Lessons and content are more accessible Students are able to access the material online that they may have missed via video Students are able to re watch videos that have difficult concepts that they struggle to master

More one on one instruction Teachers are more available to work with students one on one to help students to master concepts that may be more difficult Teachers have the opportunity to identify student errors and provide students with further instruction Cons There is significant work on the front end Teachers must create and load videos for the flipped class Teachers would have to have the time and skill to do this as well as the resources This adds to the workload of teachers It can intensify the digital divide In districts with high numbers of low income families students and families may not have access to computers or internet service This would keep students from being able to view the material necessary before the face to face class It relies on preparation and trust Flipped classrooms depend on students to prepare for class This can be an issue as not every student can be trusted to watch videos at home SWOT Strengths Class time can be used to work on difficult concepts Students are able to collaborate and learn from each other Students can work on their own pace in regards to videos Students can re watch difficult material Weaknesses Would be difficult to implement in low income districts Takes a lot of up front prep time Teachers may not have the technology skills to prepare the videos Opportunities Better student understanding of difficult concepts 

More interaction with teachers one to one Students learn from one another which helps facilitate development of interpersonal skills Threats Not all students would watch the videos Students unable to watch videos would not master concepts Virtual Classroom Comparing and Contrasting A virtual classroom is a classroom in which all material including lectures presentations discussions and assignments are done online This differs from a traditional classroom as lectures presentations discussions and assignments are done in the classroom Both types of classrooms require a commitment for teachers and students to actively engage in the learning process Pros The schedule is flexible Students can complete work on their own schedule There are not fixed meeting times Students can pick the time of day as well as location of where school work is completed The classroom is self paced Students can work at an accelerated pace to finish courses 

They can also take courses that are not offered by the local school The classroom is student centered Teachers are able to individualize the material presented to best aid students in understanding Teachers are able to scaffold and differentiate for mastery Students also are able to determine their individual learning needs Cons Feedback is not immediate from the teacher Teachers may not be immediately available to assist a student with a problem The student will have to wait to hear from a teacher in order to get the help that may be needed There is a lack of interaction with the teacher Students do not get face to face communication with the teacher The teacher does not necessarily get the opportunity to know the student as well as if the student was in a traditional classroom The digital divide may be increased Students may not have access to computers or the technology necessary to complete the class This can be a major problem in areas that are mostly low income SWOT Strengths Students can self pace Students can work in any location Students can work at any time of day Weaknesses Students may not be doing the assignments themselves Students do not get the face to face interactions with their peers Students do not get the face to face interaction with the instructor Opportunities Students can take courses not offered by their local school such as Advanced Placement classes to possibly obtain college credit Students can finish the requirements for a diploma more quickly Student truancy will not be an issue Threats It is more difficult to monitor for cheating Students may fail to get the concepts needed Students may fail to take the courses necessary for a high school diploma There is a possibility that the course is not directed by an accredited institution

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