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A health system is the organization of people institutions and resources that deliver health care services to improve the health of the population it serves meet people s health needs and provide financial protection against the cost of ill health through certain actions and policies of the government namely stewardship resource creation and allocation service provision through policy and programmes and financing Health system is very dynamic and complex by structure organization operations in a constantly changing environment and situations which implies demand for health management Health management is a process a transition which requires an enormous understanding of the governance of health system prevailing in the country to design the best suited framework to fit the landscape of the country Management requires application of managerial logic to run the system or organization or business Managerial logics is the process of thinking and reasoning and dealing with or controlling things or people in a proper or reasonable way process according to strict principles of management is known as Managerial Logic This managerial logic can be applied to our health system at various levels for decision making In India while funding is of critical and foundational importance its mere increase won t be sufficient to bring change

The most critical issues our Indian health system is facing are centralized policy making lack of coordination weakened public health system and capacity inequities in health access inadequate and unskilled human resource poor procurement system lack of regulation system absence of coherent policy for private sector and market drugs and equipment poor supervision and monitoring system lack of accountability and weakened health management information system These entire key issues can be answered up to great extent by the application of management logic in health system Management is having number of concepts principles and logic but the base is same Koontz has given four elements of management process i e planning organizing directing and controlling and these four elements forms the base of management The model can be applied in the following manner at the following level to achieve the health system goals and enhance the functioning of the health system 1 Policy and Programmes Planning at all the levels such as district level state level and at national level Planning and Organising Planning of policy or health programme is the set process such defining the health problems of the community identifying health needs and resources through situational analysis establishing priority goals and setting out the administrative action needed to reach those goals through option appraisal method It is technocratic as well as political process

Planning can be for the development of policy or programme or strategic planning setting priorities or financial forecasting or operational planning which is done for annual or shorter period 2 Financial Management Planning Organising and Controlling Financial management refers to the efficient and effective management of money funds in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the programme and system through planning organizing directing and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds of the institution The management activities included under the Budget development for institutions programme state etc Budget allocation to services and activities Monitoring health expenditure against budget Adjustment between budget lines during the year 3 Human Resources Management Planning Organising Directing and Controlling Human resource planning is a process that identifies current and future human resources needs for an organization to achieve its goals Human resource planning should serve as a link between human resource management and the overall strategic plan of an organization

Human resource planning is having right number of people at right place doing right kind of work at right time In India a governing body needs to be formed for Human Resource Management because shortage of staff and quality of staff is the biggest issue India is facing over the period of time The separate body can easily focus on the following functions Deciding the number and mix of staff required for health facilities and services Long term health workforce planning Hiring and firing staff Setting staff salaries and allowances Training needs assessment for health staff Career planning for health staff 4 Governance and Accountability Planning Organising and Controlling Health care governance means to make sure that health services are delivered up to the standard or quality that is supposed to be delivered in an appropriate way to all service users and accountability for the effective and efficient delivery of healthcare is required at all levels It ensures that the service providers are liable responsible and answerable to taxpayers service users and all stakeholders

The services can be delivered in an effective and efficient through proper management system The management areas which play a crucial role in this are quality management human resource operational management financial management and material management The application of these entire management principal applied in the following manner Establishment of health services governance or management Deciding on inclusion of community members in health management structures Interaction with the community seeking information on and responding to community health needs Ensuring that the community has information about the available services and resources delivery options and about the costs of health services Reporting of local health priorities to national authorities Regulation of private sector Regulation of medical education 5 Inter sectoral collaboration Organising and Controlling Intersectoral action refers to actions affecting health outcomes undertaken by sectors outside the health sector possibly but not necessarily in collaboration with the health sector Negotiating with donor to support health services Defining the role of the private sector in the health system Monitoring the activity of donor in health programmes Enforcing health legislation regulation and standards in the country Assessment of constraints to health performance

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