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World Language Essay A key part of any community and culture is language Language is the building block of life whether it is the distinct clicking of the Basarwa people or the widely known language of english there is always communication following through and without it the world would be much different than it is today Did you know that there are over 6 500 languages around the world We live in a multilingual planet and considering the amount of the languages around us how could you not be a part of the 43 of the world's population that is bilingual The ability to read write and speak another language is invaluable There are many positive reasons in which you should learn a world language from the job opportunities to the reduction of alzheimer's in someone here are a couple set reasons to add onto the list To start off learning a world language expands job opportunities There is a significant difference in a resume of a monolingual person and a bilingual person

In the application process a person with a knowledge of business skill for example plus a foreign language is much more valuable than one with just a knowing of business Often Graduates cite foreign language courses as some of the most valuable courses in college because of the communication skills developed in the process Many companies branch out to bilinguals because they know if they reach out to foreign consumers this is a path to opportunity in the future Now that the job of a translator is at the top fastest growing occupations knowing another language can be especially useful to get a job right off the bat Also fields like travel healthcare and national security need employees with bilingual language skills and the ability to work across cultures In addition statistically bilinguals make 5 20 more per hour than their regular co workers Who wouldn't want to get paid more Next off speaking another language opens up a totally new perspective There is research that shows that bilinguals can actually view the world in a different perspective People who regularly speak a second language perceive differences in color variations that are not recognized by monolinguals Isn't that crazy Just by knowing another language you can see another color of the rainbow maybe or find your new favorite color Another study found that bilinguals have different personality traits with the language they speak A professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign found out that with one of his students they had different speaking traits when speaking French and speaking Portuguese Showing that their French speaking was more angry and Portuguese more like a well mannered bank customer 

The last study found out that speaking another language gave a different feeling of self worth almost Once conducted on a woman was found that that women who was bilingual in both spanish and english felt more assertive speaking spanish than speaking english Now not saying necessarily that speaking one language or the other has their disadvantages in perception of yourself but research finds that speaking another language can open you up to another way of seeing life which is always a plus An equally important reason to learn another language is health benefits There has been thousands of studies done on the improvement of health of a bilingual person compared to a monolingual person One study done in scotland found that students were more successful than their monolingual classmates Another study shows that bilingual people who speak more than one language can process information easier This is because as a bilingual your brain is constantly trying to figure out which of the two language words you should use And this gives you a lot of practice choosing important information and ignoring extraneous details This seems to help bilinguals do better at tasks that require multitasking and blocking out distractions

One study done by psychologists at the University of Chicago found that forcing people to rely on a second language when having to make a decision reduced their natural human biases After the experiment the team of scientists concluded that that these effects arise because a foreign language provides greater cognitive and emotional distance than a native tongue does Especially learning a new language and speaking it can make you take more rational decisions Lastly bilinguals have benefits even at old age Studies show that bilingualism can improve cognition and delay dementia in adults Research shows that although bilingualism cannot completely prevent Alzheimer's disease it can delay symptoms as much as five years which is better than nothing Learn another language and keep yourself healthy The last reason you should learn a world language is to show appreciation to other cultures As immigration arises in all parts of the world and especially in the United States we need to prepare for the changes in american society with all the languages coming through Diversity is one of the most important things in a society to keep one striving and living

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