Essay Example on A master's degree in Data Science would be the next logical step to this Analytical Approach

In my childhood I wished to become someone who can predict the future. But as my maturity grew with my age I aspired to become a leader who can make use of logic as a precursor to make decisions for future of any organization, that the person would work with. I chose science in my twelfth because of my passion for mathematics and physics, but selecting the appropriate undergraduate course was a really challenging decision for me, I elected engineering because I was keen to understand the application of science, which had a lot to do with the application of mind. I felt that Information Technology would be an evident choice of my specialization in engineering to develop my analytical ability through the learning of computer programming because I believed that a blend of applied science, mathematics and analytical skills is the key ingredient for the management skills to make wise future projections. Though commenced with the basics of almost all relevant fields of engineering my undergraduate course gradually focused into the core of computer science such as Operating Systems, Database Management, Systems Object, oriented programming, Networking etc.

These subjects helped me understand the building blocks of computer science. My encounter with the subject Operation Research Optimization Technique in fifth semester gave me the first exposure to the research in scientific field with the introduction to various problem solving techniques such as mathematical modeling, statistical analysis and mathematical optimization, and I had my first opportunity to analyze a chunk of mathematical data with the application of advanced analytical methods to help make some decisions. My continued interest in problem solving drove me further to take Soft Computing as an elective subject in seventh semester, introducing me to the world of business intelligence, machine learning and evolutionary computation. By then my problem solving ability attached with my probabilistic reasoning skills, gained from Soft Computing started helping me nourish my ability to apply scientific approach for predictions. My continued effort to this aspect was finally accomplished with the selection of Data WareHousing and Data Mining, as my elective subject in final semester my first introduction to the powerful tool of business intelligence which stores massive current and historical corporate data, through Extract Transform and Load technique ETL and identifies their pattern. Learning these three subjects played a crucial role in developing my ability to analyze the data scientifically to make predictions. Finally a vocational training and a project named Smart Shopper with Web Tek Labs provided me with a strong industry outlook. I could sense a matured professional inside me who was ready to jump into the industry and so I did it by bagging a job offer from Infosys Limited.

My association with Infosys Limited one of India's leading IT companies started in the year of 2010 with one of the finest training facilities in this world, rebuilding my concepts to some of the fields in Computer Science to a different level. Post training I worked in various projects in different roles for an American health care company. In my four years stint at Infosys I started working as a junior Mainframe developer with responsibilities such as system analysis, code development, testing, implementation etc. This was followed by a role upgradation to senior developer in two years allowing me to expand my work domain further. I started working as a domain expert along with my usual responsibilities. I was allowed to mentor a team of two people. As a domain specialist I shifted my focus to business consultation, because of which I encountered different business problems along with extensive client interactions which helped me develop my ability to analyze business problems and provide prompt solutions to customers. In this role I was exposed to a huge chunk of structured or unstructured healthcare data which I analyzed daily to drive business decisions. Looking for better opportunities in my current field I joined Cognizant Technology Solutions another software giant in the year of 2014 as a project lead I was given the bottom line responsibility of a big Data Encryption project with team strength of five.

Working for a Canadian American life and health insurance provider in my next assignment I was involved in the analysis and formulation to find the sophisticated way to observe the pattern of data before they are encrypted. Currently I am the supervisor of a data migration project in which a huge number of business data are going to be moved from Microfocus platform to cloud azure platform. Meanwhile I tried to boost my insurance domain skills with LOMA 280 international certification. During my 6 -8 years of span in software industry I suggested and implemented various techniques and practices of business intelligence learnt in my engineering days or from my work experience to analyze huge number of data, to come up with business solutions. But gone these days I realized the strong need for learning even more advanced scientific methods of data analysis to extract meaningful information which could be put in place to find even more sophisticated business decisions. My specific interest in data analysis gradually shaped my idea of putting myself into the threshold of a new career choice. My interest in this area was not inadvertent, rather it was premeditated and well executed. I have set my next career goal to work as a Data Scientist in a management consultancy firm whose role will include designing implementation of management, interventions and employing a range of programming mathematical and statistical methods. Mainly in the analysis of unstructured data to extract meaningful information. A master's degree in Data Science would be the next logical step to this analytical approach of management decision making So it was after a good amount of contemplation that I decided to pursue this program which is tailored to emphasize on logical and scientific approach to problem solving using both quantitative and qualitative methods to improve my decision making skills.

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