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Personal Identity and Careers Paper A professional identity as it relates to a counselor is developed over time through a process of understanding their profession in significant addition to their own self understanding Understanding one's role as a counselor is crucial to implement philosophy and determine an appropriate approach to others within or outside the chosen field A professional identity is important in order to establish boundaries with clients during services Developing a professional identity for a counselor consists of acquiring synergistic qualities with clients and colleagues feeling confident in the ability to uphold ethical standards and reflecting on mentors or influences that have shaped experiences During the development of a professional identity as a counselor one must set personal goals and find ways to contribute to the growth and understanding of the mental health field A counselor may find it beneficial to maintain awareness of communities and organizations providing ongoing advocacy education and professional guidance in an effort to remain current in the counseling field 

One of the goals as a counselor would be to build a professional identity that enables the counselor to effectively work and aid in the removal of barriers that hinder a client's access growth and development The characteristics of an effective counselor include advanced listening and communication skills Counselors must be able to listen and be able to clearly explain their thoughts and ideas to their clients and colleagues A good counselor must have acceptance and may not be judgmental A counselor must be open minded and be willing to understand where the client is coming from in their current state of mind or affairs A counselor must be prepared to meet with individuals who may have a criminal background display inappropriate or abnormal behavior and those subject to the stigma associated with having a mental illness A counselor's goal is to help make their client's feel respected accepted and understood A counselor must be able to display empathy and provide a certain level of compassion to aid in a client's recovery Counselors must be able to effectively problem solve to aid in identifying a client's negative or harmful thought patterns and behaviors in order to makes more positive changes and be presented with better outcomes A counselor is constantly improving their rapport skills The ability to develop strong relationships and cultivate trust are skills counselors must focus on to be successful at this profession Counselors must have the ability to adapt to change and respond accordingly to their client's specific needs During services it is important for counselors to have a more advanced level of self awareness and learn to avoid being distracted by personal problems and concerns

Counselors who are self aware looked to identify their own unmet needs and desires in order to not create conflicting issues with clients It is important for a counselor to be able to give their undivided attention to their clients to effectively provide aid and build rapport Counselors must also have knowledge of the multicultural aspects of their clients they serve Multicultural competency is important to help build rapport and because counselors help those from all different walks of life A counselor must be willing to try to relate and understand their clients regardless of race religion creed political beliefs and social or economic status A counselor must have an understanding of different cultures traditions and customs A counselor may also find it beneficial to know how different cultures perceive and respond to the practices of mental health The characteristics of a counselor are rooted deep with those who possess exceptional interpersonal skills and a willingness to understand their clients A licensed marriage and family therapist role is one that helps other work to maintain positive and healthy personal relationships with family or spouses Licensed marriage and family therapists help provide guidance to people living with mental illness which is effectively affecting their relationship with their spouse or family as a whole Licensed marriage and family therapist treat various mental health issues like depression anxiety substance abuse and post traumatic stress disorder The focus of a licensed marriage and family therapist is the family and the family s ability to function interact and handle conflict Licensed marriage and family therapist oversee issues related to marital conflicts adolescent behavior problems domestic violence impotence and infertility Licensed marriage and family therapist make observations of how people behave within their family to identify problems in their relationships The licensed marriage and family therapist creates treatment plans designed to meet the needs of each family member in order to unite the family on a goal and benefit the family's happiness 

An effective licensed marriage and family therapist displays strong interpersonal skills sets clear boundaries has high ethical standards invokes a desire to collaborate and is skilled at goal setting A career counselor's role is to help their clients plan and set career and educational goals A career counselor helps clients identify their values strengths and weaknesses relating to the career market Career counselors help determine appropriate and realistic career opportunities for their clients to pursue Career counselors must be aware of community resources and various career information Clients may reveal their feelings and express their concerns to career counselors as relating to education or the career market Career counselors aid in the development of career goals and the steps needed to maintain accomplish career goals Career counselors help to identity barriers to successfully complete education or compete in the career market Career counselors hold an expertise in career development theory counseling techniques administration and interpretation of assessments and career information resources

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