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Case Application 2 A Seeds of Change at Grower's Choice A paper submitted to Webber International University In partial fulfillment for the Bachelor Of Science Degree in Business Administration Course Human Resource Management Introduction The Case Application 2A called Seeds of Change at Growers Choice is about an incident that happened at the Growers Choice a regional food market chain between a manager and an employee who is disabled The incident is about unauthorized accommodations The following incident leads to an intervention of the HR Director named Alonzo Nguyen Alonzo Nguyen and Harold Parker the CEO of Growers Choice wanted to take legal action against the manager and the disabled employee But the lawyer advised them to stop their legal threats because it could throwback to the company The reason for this is they were violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by not accommodation the employee s disability in first place The lawyer also gave the advice to get their act together and to look out for help in adjusting HR policies and practices with the organizational strategy Growers Choice main issue was that they were relying on the policies and practices of 40 years before 

For this reason Mr Nguyen Mr Parker and other people of the company who teamed up as a committee introduced a new mission statement which was designed to show their organizational strategy and update of HR department This step was just the beginning of their real work The implication for the HR Department by the expansion of the stores Growers Choice mission is to expand their organization around the nation and becoming everyone s market of choice The growth of the organization not only has an impact for their employees and communities also for the HR Department The HR Department also has to rapidly grow like their number of stores If the HR Department is not aware of the new growth and incensements the HR will face some difficult issues since they are not able to have an overview of the whole organization Therefore the HR has to be restructured too The mission and values statements influence on the restructure Alonzo has to clarify by the restructure of the HR Department that the organizations mission and values are a commitment to their customers For this reason the HR department has to be restructured too since they have an updated mission and value statement The HRM is a subset of Management that works with people to get things done The four functions of HRM and their effect on the mission and values The four functions of HRM are Staffing Training and Development Motivation and Maintenance 

These functions are necessary to achieve the Goals Staffing is the first function at HRM Grower s Choice goal is the growth of their organization Therefore new employees and talents have to been recruited to the organization Staffing includes recruiting and also selection The new recruits need at their first weeks an overview and orientation Moreover each recruit need a specific training for their job The goal is also career development As Grower s Choice stated in their values Valuing and Developing our friendly and dedicated employees Motivation is important to increase the performance of the employees The organization states in their values that they are providing clean stores and efficient service Motivational factors are such as Job Design Rewards and Recognition and Employee benefits that will increase the performance of the employees The last function is Maintenance To keep up the organizations current success the company has to keep their employees Maintenance can be occurred by good employee relation communications and safety and health Talent Management strategy and their benefits on Growers Choice Talent Management strategy is the recruitment of talented employees to accomplish the organizations goals The talent management strategy benefits the organization in many different ways It is a key component nowadays Grower s Choice will expand their organization more efficient by recruiting top talents through the talent management strategy while increasing productivity

Moreover the organization can develop their new leaders through the strategy Outsourcing the HR Functions HR outsourcing is the process of giving a task to an independent organization from the outside which was performed by the organization intern HR outsourcing can create benefits to do organization In this case the possibility of outsourcing the HR is high More than half of the companies outsource to save money and time Moreover the company can focus on core business The organization will outsource their HR when they will grow so rapidly that they cannot keep up anymore Growers Choice mission and values compared to other competitors http corporate publix com about publix company overview mission statement guarantee Publix mission statement is stated as Our mission at Publix is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world Publix also is dedicated to the dignity value and employment security of their associates In this statement Publix proves the maintenance function of their customer by providing employment security Conclusion All in all HR management is a huge factor to accomplish the best results as the organization A company will confront many different issues if the HR Management fails and not improve through restructure or outsource If Grower s Choice wants to expand their organization they will have to either expand their HR department or start outsourcing their HR

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