Essay Example on A single story about a person or place is Dangerous









Letter A A single story about a person or place is dangerous because it is not representative of all people in a specific area or country I will use for instance Fedi whose family was poor Ted 2009 and was perceived by Adichie as not having the ability to do anything skillful because of this so this would make the single story dangerous and not show them in a favorable light Just because Fedi s family was poor does not mean they do not have any food or not have a place to live or is not considered people like she is The have likenesses but in different ways When we have a single story about a person or place and have no accounts of what those people lives are actually like it makes this dangerous because we do not precisely know or have the correct analogy about them and their lives Also having a single story is not the only story there is always a second story the real story which is these people have skills maybe different from her own a place to call home and though they are not from a family of educated people like her father mother and herself they are of knowledge in their own way 

Ted 2009 Adichie told a single story about herself and her life Question Set 2 Letter E Telling a single story and with it said again and again paints people as just that one thing and that is what they become While listening to the video and hearing Adichie speak she said she left the United States to visit Mexico and the word immigration was in relation to Mexicans and the single story about Mexicans was that they were cheating the healthcare system sneaking across the border to reach the U S mainland and are arrested by border patrol there Ted 2009 She also mentioned that on the first day of being there she observed the scenery and life of the Mexican people They were doing things that other people of other cultures did like going to work smoking laughing and other such things Ted 2009 When you hear a single story being told over and over by people of many cultures about those people this does show people just as that one thing because that is all you hear about those people it become a reality I agree because this is the way the world still operates today until other people and yourself find the truth about people and places on your own In an example our President feels the United States need a border wall to keep Mexicans immigrants from crossing the border to come into the U S Question Set 3 

Letter A Adichie's ideas on telling a single story are very genuine in my opinion because no matter where you go in the world people form their own single story about that place or country Say for instance she mentioned the story about Mexico and how they are brought to mind when you think about immigration Mexicans trying to sneak across the border to get to the U S and them being arrested there Ted 2009 I think the same way but I also associate them with drug smuggling Then Adichie s mentioned that as she visited Mexico and she went on a tour of the city she saw the people going to work smoking and socializing and doing many things people do in other countries as well So even though I have not visited Mexico I have visited other cities in the United States and the people there go to work smoke and socialize and do other things in their town that those people do in Mexico Ted 2009 This is the reason why in Adichie's speech on telling a single story about a person or place is dangerous We make assumptions without having the real truth about that person or situation and we believe these things and spread them around and this become the truth Question Set 4 Letter B In my relation to Adichie's struggle regarding my own life to race gender and ethnicity or other aspects In regards to race I am an African American female but born and raised in the United States I am a female and this means I have to go above and beyond because of this Women in my opinion are not treated as equals when it comes to the male counterpart 

As far as ethnicity I am referred to as African but American because of my heritage and I speak the English language just like they do in Africa In other ways we may relate because of certain foods music and art My view on celebrities friends and leaders Stars do experience race gender and ethnicity tensions African American females notably they are not as important as the Caucasians or male counterparts they are not embraced as quickly and have their ups and downs with being celebrities Friends speak about their struggles with being African American females and other aspects in their life and not in a positive light mostly when it comes to jobs and pay Lastly there are not many leaders who are African American and female in very high positions on the corporate level in the job market or politics and the pay is not much

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