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A war is a state of conflict or disputes that happens between societies people or states The reason for war can be anything like aggression ego destruction the non availability of rights change in balance of power cultural differences etc There is always a negative impact on the people the city and the country in which war happens People have to face the negative consequences of the war Whenever war happens there is destruction which affects the nation economy and the public Jennette 2011 There are numerous numbers of wars that had happened in the past which had resulted in people dying and some becoming victims of the war Wars usually result in significant loss of life along with the destruction of the infrastructure and also the resources Even when a war ends it leaves long term effects on people the society and the nation as well When war arises it also creates an impact on the people in power of the government as well as the government structures Misztal 2010 War brings with it many new political cultural and social shifts that leave an impact on the society and also the nation But there are times when war also brings some positive impact for the nation It may reform the existing system and bringing up new effective system in the country that might end up in the betterment of the society and the nation as whole War also teaches one that who is with you and who is against you The worst wars that happened in history are World War II which was fought from 1939 to 1945 the only war that used nuclear weapons till date It changed the face of world politics forever It resulted in the deaths of Hitler Holocaust and many more Dunkley et al 2011 The second was the Mongol Conquests which happened in Europe Around 60 to 70 million deaths resulted from this war Another was the World War I which was fought from 1914 to 1918 killing around 17 million people As this war failed to ensure peace and democracy World War II was fought The Napoleonic War in which series of war was been declared against the Napoleon s French empire Historical wars should always be remembered by the people People should never forget what happened in the past As the wars help us to remind about the devotion the contribution the sacrifices our soldiers had made for people and the country These wars have given a new shape to the countries

The historical wars help the nation or current generation to know how hard it was too fought and survive how many sacrifices our soldiers have made for the country and for getting peace Wars should also be remembered as it helps to provide significant experiences and learning s to people and the society It becomes important when it comes to the welfare of the country Zaromb et al 2014 The past shapes the future as well as the present By remembering the historical wars people will understand the new way to deal with the complex situations that might arise in the future Wars should also be remembered as it helps people to understand what or how hard it is to achieve something It helps people to understand the actions that are required to adopt when in similar situations History always provides one with examples that teaches one important lessons for their entire lifetime War also helps the nation to identify where it stands what are its strengths and weaknesses where is the country most strong etc Gentile 2011 The soldiers who died in the wars must be given the status of martyrs as well as people living should never forget their sacrifice But at the same time war also helps the nation to learn that whenever it thinks of doing a war with any other country how much loss the nation will cause for itself The loss in the terms of people dying infrastructure affected the economy slows down loss of resources the loss of soldiers and loss of relationships with other nation etc The historical War also helps the nation to understand that one could not achieve anything except destruction and loss of loved ones from the wars Kotwal et al 2011 On should always understand and accept that there is no particular winning side in a war Both sides lose countless innocent people on the battlefield and in the respective communities War also brings aggression and feeling of hate for each other

The attitude behavior of people changes very much after the war They start to develop a feeling of revenge against each other The economy goes under total reform new practices new rules laws regulations policies also create an impact on the people People find it very difficult to adjust after the situation of war The changes are hard to accept and people find it more difficult to adjust and get back to their routine schedule as the war leaves a harsh impact on their lives The economy is affected at large by the occurrence of war Russell et al 2015 It is hence very important to remember the history as those who don't remember or learn anything from the past are likely to repeat the past and that will bring negative consequences to the nation society along with its civilians

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