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Abstract In off grid connected solar PV system available rooftop area on buildings is used for setting up solar power PV plant and DC power generated from solar photovoltaic SPV cells is converted to AC power by solar off grid inverter and is fed to the load during day time and meanwhile charges the battery through charge controller A 250W photovoltaic off grid power plant with the site receiving a good average solar radiation of 1762 kW h m2 year is proposed at Hyderabad In this study the solar PV plant performance and simulation analysis is formulated The various types of power losses are calculated using PVsyst software Simulation analysis of 250W solar power plant is carried out using PVSyst and simulation results of energy output of PV panel energy supplied to the user energy need of the user and unused energy are presented Keywords Electricity solar photovoltaic panel solar energy latitude Electric utility 1 INTRODUCTION Solar energy is a clean pollution free renewable source of energy Telangana state in India being located between 15 54 and 19 37 North latitude and the geographical location favors the harvesting and development of solar energy The yearly average solar radiation on horizontal surface of Hyderabad city Telangana state is 4 9 KWh m2 day at latitude of 17 5658 0N and longitude of 78 4512 0E 6 Most of cities and villages are facing severe electricity shortages 8 In order to meet the demand the existing roof space of buildings is utilized to promote off grid rooftop solar PV systems 9 2 TYPES OF SOLAR POWER PLANTS 

Solar plants are divided in two types based on storage systems a Off Grid Solar Plant Off grid PV systems work with batteries 1 The solar energy is stored in the battery and used to feed building loads after conversion from DC to AC power with an off grid inverter Batteries require replacement once in every 3 5 years in off grid b Grid Connected Solar Plant In Grid connected rooftop solar power plant the DC power generated from solar photovoltaic SPV panel is converted to AC power using power conditioning unit and is fed to the grid either of 11KV lines or of 400 230V three single phase lines and if any shortfall of solar energy is imported from grid 2 A schematic sketch of a typical off grid solar rooftop photovoltaic power plant is shown in Fig1 7 Fig1 Residential off Grid connected Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Plant 3 SOLAR PANEL CHARACTERISTICS The typical I V curve and P V curve for a solar panel are shown in fig 2 3 Fig 2 P V and I V curve of a solar cell at a particular temperature irradiation In the above figure there is a powerpoint on the knee of I V curve This point is called maximum power point MPP 4 In the curve Isc is the solar panel circuit current in short circuit condition Voc is the solar panel circuit voltage under open circuit condition IMP and VMP are the tracking point for maximum current and maximum voltage respectively and can be track by MPPT system Thus the multiplication of both IMP and VMP gives the condition of maximum power for solar module as PMAX VMP IMP watt 4 DESCRIPTION OF SOLAR PV OFF GRID CONNECTED SYSTEM

An off grid-connected PV system consists of solar PV panel Charge controller battery bank DC AC Inverter and other switches 5 A Solar photovoltaic PV Panel This is used to convert solar energy to electrical energy Whenever sunlight falls upon these panels these generate electricity which feeds the batteries B Charge Controller A charge controller determines how much current should be injected into the batteries for its most optimum performance As it determines the efficiency of the entire solar system as well as the operating life of the batteries it is a critical component The charge controller protects the battery bank from overcharging C Battery Bank There may be periods when there is no sunlight Evenings nights and cloudy days are examples of such situations beyond our control In order to provide electricity during these periods excess energy during day is stored in these battery banks and is used to power loads whenever required D DC AC Inverter A DC AC solar inverter or just a solar inverter is a power electronics device which is used to convert Direct Current to Alternating Current

The electricity generated by Solar Systems is DC in nature while most of our household loads require AC power This conversion takes place in real time with a very minimal time gap nowadays inverter efficiency goes up to 98 DC loads can be directly fed from the solar system and do not require an Inverter 5 Performance and Simulation of Off grid PV Plant using PVSYST PV syst software 10 http www pvsyst com 2015 is one of the simulation software developed to estimate the performance of the solar power plant It is able to import meteo data from many different sources as well as personnel data This software is capable of evaluating the performance of grid connected stand alone and pumping systems based on the specified module selection The program accurately predicts the system yields computed using detailed hourly simulation data 5 1 Balances and main results The maximum energy is generated in the month of April 34 94 KWh and minimum energy is in the month of September 23 79 KWh The energy output of PV panel is 345 64 KWh year is shown in Table 1

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