Essay Example on Abstract Transportation is the movement of people animals and goods from one location to another









Abstract Transportation is the movement of people animals and goods from one location to another Transportation systems form integral building blocks for a modern society Transporting goods from one place to another is difficult as it takes lot of time effort The operation of transportation determines the efficiency of moving products The progress in techniques and management principles improves the moving load delivery speed service quality operation costs the usage of facilities and energy saving Transportation takes a crucial part in the manipulation of logistic Reviewing the current condition a strong system needs a clear frame of logistics and a proper transport implements and techniques to link the producing procedures The objective of the paper is to define the role of transportation in logistics for the reference of further improvement The research was undertaken to define and comprehend the basic views of logistics and its various applications and the relationships between logistics and transportation Keywords Transportation system Logistics connecting businesses online strategy Time consuming I INTRODUCTION Transportation is the movement of people animals and goods from one location to another Systems form integral building blocks for a modern society Transporting goods from one place to another is difficult as it takes lot of time efforts 

Normally for booking carriers calling visiting to the service provider is done It is time consuming inconvenient Generally for booking carrier visiting or calling the service provider have to be done which is a time consuming process This Online Logistics Transportation will overcome all the problems and make the process of booking carrier easy Thus the application will ensure efficient and safe movement of goods The major objective is to develop an web application for Goods Transport which will make the process of transformation efficient This can be achieved by providing facilities like calling acknowledgment etc which will attract the users The web application is to be made user friendly so that booking of carriers will be easy Nowadays it is too much difficult to find modes of goods transportation from one city to another and also takes too much time to find these system nearby As the world is going mobile and there is no such existing application we intend to build an web application for Good Transportation will make this process just one click away and will be beneficial for both the user and carrier An online database which can provide platform that enables users to add a scalable and powerful backend to launch a full featured web app With the help of these

Client will be able to store his information necessary for transportation Location tracking is done with help Google Maps When User logins registers to Users App his current location will be tracked and that location will be treated as source location All nearby Drivers will be visible to the Users in specified range After selecting appropriate Driver User will enter all his details Afterreceiving details from User Driver will send acknowledgment regarding the conformation or rejection of booking II LITERATURE SURVEY The Logistics play a key role in the distribution of goods from raw material suppliers to original equipment manufacturers to end consumers Logistics outsourcing is an effective way to achieve a competitive advantage improve customer services and reduce logistics costs 6 Firms that choose to outsource their logistics activities can reduce their fixed costs and increase their flexibility For subcontracting manufacturing or outsourcing logistics contracts are widely implemented across various stages of the supply chain 3 A large amount of research focuses on contracting as primary source of coordination between supply chain members 7 In 1985 Vukadinović S proposed that There are two types of problems regarding the transportation time 4 i minimization of the total transportation time linear function as aggregate the products of transportation time and quantity called minimization of 1st transportation time and ii minimization of the transportation time of the longest active transporting route nonlinear function called minimization of 2nd transportation time or problem of Barasov 2

 An important variant of the total transportation time problems is formulated and resolved in 5 In this paper 1 shows the total transportation time problem regarding the time of the active transportation routes If the multiple optimal solutions exist it is possible to include other criteria as second level of criteria and find the corresponding solutions Furthermore if there is a multiple solution again the third objective can be optimized in lexicographic order The methods of generation of the optimal solution in selected cases are developed The numerical example is included In this paper 8 Emel Aktas Fusun Ulenginhas proposed a penalty and reward contract between a manufacturer and its logistics service provider that distributes the manufacturer s products on its retail network The proposed contract analysis methodology is empirically tested with transportation data of a consumer durable goods company CDG and its logistics service provider LSP The results of this case study suggest a penalty and reward contract between the CDG and its LSP that improves not only the individual firm s objective functions but also the supply chain costs Compared to the existing situation the coordination efficiency of the penalty and reward contract is 96 1 proving that optimizing contract parameters improves coordination and leads to higher efficiencies Lashkari A H et al 9 describes a system which is used to locate friends and family by using GPS and Standard web technology This system is implemented using J2ME JavaScript the repository and the web client is implemented using PHP and MySQL Siriteanu A et al 10 presents the creation of Social Network in which the users are being alerted when their friends are around Available Android location services like GPS technology wireless and mobile towers are used to find an approximate location of a mobile phone running this program and then sharing the location information through the Meet You or via SMS

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