Running head ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY FOR TARGET 1 Acceptable Use Policy for Target Student Institution Date ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY FOR TARGET 2 Target Corporation just like any other organization has acceptable use policy AUP The acceptable policy of Target tries to address the primary issue that the company may face when it comes to the development of the presence on the World Wide Web together with other internet related system The policy is majorly for internal and external use The internet of the company is used to enhance productivity harness resources of the internet and to facilitate professional communication The policy relates to and explains obligation and responsibility of all workers that make use of electronic information resources of the company including electronic devices networks and computers The following are some features of Target s acceptable use policy Disclaimer of liability for using of the internet Target Corporation will not be held responsible for materials that have been downloaded or viewed from its network Ruhnka Loopesko 2013 The internet has got very many pages

Therefore computer users are cautioned from viewing or downloading contents of certain pages such as sexually explicit explicit inappropriate materials Duty not to waste resources or use them inappropriately workers are not to adopt acts that waste the resources of the organization deliberately Also workers are not to monopolize resources unfairly hence leading to exclusion of others No expectation of privacy when it comes to company's computers and other computing resources workers should not expect privacy in things they receive store and create on the computer systems Entertainment and games software ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY FOR TARGET 3 Block inappropriate content different types of software may be used to determine sexually explicit or inappropriate sites These sites will be blocked from access through the use of Target network Prohibited activities there are a number of things that are prohibited by the organization Among these things are materials that are defamatory intimidation obscene profane sexually explicit embarrassing harassing fraudulent offensive inappropriate or otherwise unlawful Critique The acceptable use policy of the organization is good However some of its rules are offensive and confusing One might think that they were written and are to be used by lawyers only This makes the acceptable use of policy for the company to be belittling confusing or murky 

This does not make the policy to be very effective Workers will not believe in the policy unless it is written properly Therefore the policy needs to be consistent and logical Generally rules should always be clear and written properly For all workers to understand what is required the policy should be made a bit simple so as to be understood by all workers Additionally punishment for those who violate the policy should be spelled clearly Also the punishment should fit the crime The clarity on what one will be punished for should be reached All that is said by the organization is that one will lose his or her account permanently or temporarily be suspended or employment terminated Once evidence for misbehavior is determined the punishment given by the management should align to the misbehavior Ensuring compliance with AUP reducing risks and minimizing limitations ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY FOR TARGET 4 Just like any other organization there are rules to guide how workers use the internet and computer system However there are still issues arising relating inappropriate use of these resource and accessing inappropriate materials Huckabee Kolb 2014 In order to ensure compliance reduce risks and minimize liabilities the management of the organization should retain the right relating to carrying out monitoring notwithstanding being given express consent by workers 

This should be carried out by the management with the goals of recording evidence relating to business transactions monitoring standards of training detecting or preventing criminal activity ensuring compliance with self regulatory or regulatory guidelines maintaining the proper operations of the worker s system for instance preventing viruses and preventing unauthorized use of computing devices In addition the management should use a good method to make workers aware of the rules All workers in the organization should be made aware that their communications and activities on the internet will be monitored There need to be benchmarks that will inform workers what is expected from them Methods for increasing the awareness of the AUP The organization should have a security awareness program 

This will help improve security posture through providing workers with the knowledge they need All workers irrespective of their levels should understand the accepted use policy for the organization Management personnel having security responsibilities should be given additional training Holding workers accountable will be easier once the process of awareness is properly carried out by the management ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY FOR TARGET 5 The awareness process of accepted use policy should be ongoing It should include reinforcement communication and continuous training McIlwraith 2006 Static set of activities or one time presentation will not be enough since the security landscape is ever changing The approach used tone and message need to be relevant It should also be aligned to the objectives and goals of the company Behavior of workers should be influenced by the awareness program ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY FOR TARGET 6 References Huckabee G M Kolb C 2014 Privacy in the Workplace Fact or Fiction and the Value of an Authorized Use Policy AUP SDL Rev 59 35 McIlwraith A 2006 Information security and employee behaviour how to reduce risk through employee education training and awareness Gower Publishing Ltd Ruhnka J Loopesko W E 2013 Risk Management Of Email And Internet Use In The Workplace The Journal of Digital Forensics Security and Law JDFSL 8 3 7

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