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The 2016 election cycle the board members of the Amnesty International Club

During the 2016 election cycle the board members of the Amnesty International Club AIC scoured newspapers everyday to develop topics for discussion at our weekly meetings There are many great things about America and I as the son of immigrants can attest to them all but as member of our AIC board I became increasingly aware of many injustices existing in our society as a whole as well as in our local communities Healthcare is one of the most egregious areas of unfairness I watch as my mother pays 200 for an Epi Pen that could save my life in a dangerous situation I see friends and my own extended family members losing their homes because of medical bills The state of our healthcare system affects everyone in the country Everywhere I look Twitter television at school at the gym I hear people arguing over how problems in our healthcare system should be solved So here are my two cents on this debate I believe three basic principles of any healthcare system should be considered paramount First every person should have guaranteed access to quality healthcare because I consider healthcare a right not a privilege Second a healthcare system must provide healthcare for everyone in the most cost effective way possible

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Neonatal bacterial sepsis NBS is defined as a Clinical Syndrome

1 1 BACKGROUND Neonatal bacterial sepsis NBS is defined as a clinical syndrome characterized by systemic signs and bacteraemia positive blood culture during the first four weeks of life 1 2 The signs of NBS are multiple non specific and include diminished spontaneous activity less vigorous sucking apnea bradycardia temperature instability respiratory distress vomiting diarrhoea abdominal distension jitteriness seizures and jaundice 3 Globally 2 6 million children died in the first month of life in 2016 approximately 7 000 newborns deaths every day most of which occurred in the first week with about 1 million dying on the first day and close to 1 million dying within the next six days Neonatal deaths accounted for 46 per cent of all under five deaths increasing from 41 per cent in 2000 4 Neonatal sepsis is the cause of substantial neonatal morbidity and mortality 3 It is estimated to cause 26 of all neonatal deaths worldwide 5 Its incidence changes over time and varies from a country to another 6 but compared with developed countries it is much higher in developing countries 2 6 with about 30 50 of the total of neonatal deaths 7 8 It is one of the most common reasons for admission to neonatal units in developing countries 6 Neonatal sepsis includes various systemic infections of the newborn such as sepsis meningitis pneumonia arthritis osteomyelitis and urinary tract infections

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