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After a while she made an attempt to become a soldier by dropping the full American attitude for example stopped wearing makeup not wearing culottes I went on an ambush she told me there were nights where I just did not go back to the base From that Mary Anne described she seemed to have totally changed her mindset of Vietnam Later on she told me how she wore the same sweater whenever she would go on missions in the woods On being asked to comment on her personal life she didn't say much but showed an apology letter that was sent to her by Mark Fossie after he got to know that she had been back to Tennessee for a couple of weeks Dear Mary So glad you made it back alive I waited months for your news I have sent this letter to your parents when I heard that you came back I still haven't heard anything from about you I hope you are fine Listen about the camp I am really sorry about the way I acted towards you I should have trusted you but honestly with all the men around you and the way you acted around them I just lost my mind With all the men hung up by the terrors of the war I am pretty sure they all got to hook up with you I know it is because of your bubbly personality Little flirtation really didn't bother me because that is how much I loved you

However with you being the only attractive female there I just wanted to protect you and keep you safe I know all the guys fell for you especially Eddie Diamond The thought of you sleeping with other men just made me paranoid Mary war changes people you know I am constantly scared of death and you were the last thing I wanted to lose All those men including the Greenies have changed throughout the course of a war people aren't what they were used to be You should definitely know this because you have changed the most I was shocked when I heard the news that you were in an ambush with the Greenies that night I know you were slightly adapting to the military lifestyle but I never imagined you would get involved in the actual military That day when I brought you to the village I should have never taught you about ambush and guns Partly I do blame myself for losing you even though it is really no one's fault The day you came back from the ambush I started to realize you have changed You had bush hat and filthy green fatigues while carrying an M 16

You didn't even try to explain yourself You just step back in the camp like nothing had happened Have you ever considered my feelings I tried to control you which was my mistake making you more resistant to going home Then you left with the Greenies and never came back well in a sense I lost you forever I hope you will respond to my letter maybe we could even meet someday I really miss you and I ll always love you with all my heart and I don't think that I will ever be able to move on in life without you I hope we will still remain friends as you are the only one in the world who understands me the most Take care and God bless Sincerely your friend Mark Fossie On being asked how she managed to return back from the woods after she was thought to be dead for so long she explained every detail of her survival she was scouting in the jungle on a late night expedition but there was a sudden enemy movement that prevented her from going back to camp She decided to camp in the woods for a couple of days and wait for help For three weeks she tried out every possibility to get near to the base and eventually there came a point where she could do nothing

The only thing she was left to do was to try her best to stay safe and healthy in the woods for long period of time and hope for good While she had nothing to do she ended up thinking about how she had changed how she became distant from her family and high school and her aspirations changed to become a military soldier Eventually she couldn't acquire more food and insects in the woods she had been spending the nights in the nearby area She starved for a few days and in the end she finally collapsed and fainted lying on the ground exposed It wasn t until later when she woke up and saw a Vietnamese woman smiling at her and handing me a bowl of soup with a plate with some herbs heal faster Turns out the father of this family saw my body one day when he was hunting distinguished that she was still breathing but instead of killing the enemy he brought her into his home and saved her life She was very grateful to the family and felt obliged and therefore she started helping them with their house chores which were the least she could have done for them as a payback for what they had done for her She had to say a quick goodbye to the family because the VC were going to come to the village to camp and the family guided her a safe track back to the military base I did successfully find the base camp with my fellow soldiers in awe when they saw me We listed u M I A already how the f k did you survive out there She replied Vietnam saved me

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