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HOMEWORK DAY 1 After re reading Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth I have realized how drastically my opinion and interpretive model has changed in approximately 30 years I read Lindsey s book with in the first few weeks it came out and took most of what he said at face value unknown that his primary method for deciphering was extremely dependent on the politics of his day as the first lens for developing how he understood the images locations and language use by John I actually read his follow up book and never picked up another one of his works At the time his book was circulating we had aids identified as the gay cancer We had relief for famine in Ethiopia with musicians from around the world singing Do you know it Christmas And I remember a truck bomb going off in Lebanon destroying an Embassy and killing multiple men The World was not in turmoil but there were open questions about the implication of our moral choices Aids left one questioning God s judgment on human sexuality Starvation in foreign countries even though America was rich with food left one with a sense of guilt in not being able to spread our wealth and blessing Terrorist acts against the US and Christians being attacked in the Middle East at the same location on our evening news 

One had to question our Christian values being tested in the world and by God Of course no one wants to look to deep when you can blame life s struggle on the misfortune of being born into the Biblical Apocalyptic era which Lindsey portrayed for the masses I find fault with Lindsey today because he rested upon theologians who s theories had not even caught up to the material new and fresh within the last 30 years He complained how the Rabbis missed the coming of Christ which in all fairness Paul states the Jews or Israel would experience a hardening until the fullness of the Gentiles has come Romans 11 25 He recognizes the return of Israel as an important event but he himself failed to see the Jews had to experience interpretative blindness until the time of the Gentiles has ended The Rabbis seen two Messiah and never conceived one man would die one and return two thousand years later What man in his right min would think such a thing But Lindsey failed to realize his method for putting together the pieces could suffer the same fate the Rabbis experienced Even worse his theory was intentionally built on the theology of slew of theologians who had never seen Israel reborn and still expected the Church to replace Israel Lindsey s central theme was simple enough look at the world around us and see evidence the world is experiencing things we can not explain and it also seems to be getting progressively worse The solution may be that God has begun the Revelation that John spoke of In response to Timothy Weber s On the road to Armageddon Q What ethical concerns does he raise in his book as he traces the cultural influence of dispensationalist on American evangelicalism and the way it has engaged the political sphere A In an America filled with many individual concerned with Christian morality and living a life conforming to their idea of the morality of the bible these believers seeing the rebirth of Israel raised serious concerns and implications as to how one would conduct their lives under the judgment of a God who gives prophecy as warning 

The rebirth of Israel had serious implication and demanded a re inspection of the moral direction of one's life and one s nation Such an act requires a examination of scripture for guidance for Christians and their community The reevaluation lead most fundamentalists to solidified concerns for what today would be deemed classic views of future events such as the rapture of the saints the gospel preached to the world the seven year long tribulation and the rise of the Anti Christ along with the subsequent conversion of Israel Much like Hal Lindsay the political world of that day was an overly concerned impediment and became a major lens for understanding how the questions might be answered and lead most fundamentalists to identify the AntiChrist with communism These views lead most to support Israel as a mean of cooperation with God in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy We see that these fundamentalist beliefs influenced foreign policy due to the size of the crowd and impacted voting on candidates who give verbal concession to their beliefs As sociological studies provided proof of a dwindling and even lowering concern for the Bible believer among American culture the fundamentalists see themselves as a remnant God provided America as a means for moral guidance and they vote with such concepts influencing their conscious Which to the ever de evolving pagan myth driven majority of society found offensive and reacted with a you re shoving your religion down my throat complainants 

This then provided the fundamentalist with the confirmation that society is oppressing the Christians and not their sins begetting a vicious cycle of confirmation on either side widening the gap in society on various Biblically moral conservative issues which America still finds division over today NEED question 3 Beale Takes us to Job40 41 which is the only OT depiction of two satanic beasts noting In Revelations one is a land beast to be slain by God s sword The other is a sea dragon whom conducts war by his mouth and there is nothing on earth like him

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