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Gluten Free a Trend or Benefit

Gluten Free a Trend or Benefit Gluten Free a Trend or Benefit Gluten free diet a health benefit or a trend In the last few years we have seen a rise in different diets like Paleo Atkins and Gluten free to name a few However most recently there has been a significant rise in the Gluten free diets as we have seen more and more Gluten free products being sold in our local grocery stores We can also see that there has been a rise in Gluten free food options at almost all restaurant in America It was first acknowledged by medical journals and doctors across america that Gluten free diets were first recommend for patients with Celiac disease In most recent years medical researchers have discovered that Gluten free diets are not only medically indicated for Celiac patients but also for patients with autoimmune diseases as well Many doctors across America and Canada have conducted studies on patients with different types of autoimmune diseases being on and off a Gluten free diet All patient studies have indicated that there is a great benefit of patients being Gluten free Most if not all patients that were put on a Gluten free diet had either reversal or remission of their autoimmune diseases 

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