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George Olieux began a Small Business of Repairing Model Trains

After completing a model train for his nephew sometime time shortly after World War I George Olieux began a small business of repairing model trains for individuals This later assisted in the growth of his current business George's Trains which became a storefront business owned and operated by George Olieux in 1962 George s Trains is now a business that specializes in the sale repair and trading of model trains of all makes and models The organization is a family owned business that bases its business values on honesty fairness and integrity George's Trains 2018 The company has a staff that is knowledgeable about model railroading alongside the various train models and other important aspects of the industry Through this case study we shall examine George s Trains business and the organization's working capital practices Working capital refers to the financial metric that ensures operating liquidity of a business organization firm and other governmental entities Wikepedia 2018 Working capital management is an important concept for business owners and managers of business to understand and today George's Trains working capital shall be examined and analyzed to determine areas of needed improvement to expand the company's future business ventures Working Capital Practices According to Hill 2013 working capital is obtained and defined by deducting current liabilities from current assets which consequently assists in determining the debt amount acquired in order to finance a company's assets
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