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All that You Need To Know about Pointless Websites and how they Work Well we bring you Pointless websites that are certain to put a smile on your pretty face and they will definitely cheer you up. It is the weekend and you’re tired. You want to relax and do something fun. Have you thought of something that will ensure a good mood? Then continue reading. What are pointless websites? Neither is it innovative nor is it ingenious but it is an excessive way to waste your time. The pointless websites are nothing but an assortment of some of the world's worst useless and pointless websites. It's fundamentally a massive button that one can click to take one to those useless websites several of which you’ll know and love and others that may be completely innovative and extremely creative to you. But all of those sites share one collective peculiarity they’re useless AF. What is the purpose of pointless websites? Now the question is why would someone create a website as useless as making a worm dance with your mouse on screen ducks, are the best with flashing ducks moving images, weird and confusing facts and images on the website just to create attraction or what. No idea at all. The useless web is for those who are looking for a time pass because there are websites that are useless in a way but if you are a pointless useless person yourself you might find something catchy about them.

The worst part you ask Why is it so bad to create a useless website just so people can visit them and find almost nothing peculiar or useful. Well as far as I know the content of the website needs to be flashy and attractive enough to keep the visitors curious so that they keep coming back for more. Attention seeking I guess YES. However, the useless web has a home page that says take me to a useless website which is an indication that searchers do want to visit useless web pages and their intentions might be entertainment or time pass. You can also access these websites through various pointless websites generator. As per this website PLEASE button when clicked takes you to an unconventional weird looking website. Each time you click that button it will open to a new weirder web page that will make you question the reason why someone would create this website and then why would someone actually make a website in order to keep a track and collection of all these pointless sites, thus being the MOST useless ever. What are the advantages of pointless websites? Let us not be so pessimistic. The pointless websites are actually useful in a way or two as well. Websites such as the website by the name of the world’s worst website ever actually have the most dreadful design and outlook. So if you feel like creating a website give this aforementioned website so that you know how you do not want your website to look it’s really an inspiration for a website developer. It opens one's eyes as to how ugly website design can get and how it should never be.

And so it helps you to create better than what you saw at all costs. A means of inspiration in true sense. Innovation and creativity have no limits and that’s amazing. But there should be a limit to weird or confusing and bizarre and creepy things like these websites because there are way too many of them. Maybe more than the useful ones and that is sad. Understanding the pointless websites. An unreasonable method to squander your time in the most useless manner is visiting pointless websites. As stated earlier pointless websites is a curated arrangement of a portion of the world’s most exceedingly futile and silly websites. It’s on a very basic level an outrageous catch that one can spontaneously visit those pointless sites a few of which you’ll know and love and others that might be totally inventive and to a great degree ingenious to you. Be that as it may, those web pages actually share one aggregate idiosyncrasy they’re pointless to their cores. Presently the analysis is that the reason somebody would make a site as pointless as influencing a worm to hit the dance floor with your mouse on screen ducks are seen with glimmering ducks moving pictures, irregular and befuddling realities and pictures appearing on the site just to make fascination for audiences.

No thought by any means. The futile web is for the individuals who are searching for a period pass that there are sites which are futile in a way yet in an experience that you are an inconsequential pointless individual yourself you may discover something snappy about them because like attracts like. Pointless websites aren’t uncommon on the Internet. There are over 1 billion websites on the web. It is really a staggering number because most people on the planet are not technical enough to build a website. There may be millions of websites on the internet but we only know the names of a few dozen. An average person visits 4 to 5 websites a day that includes mail, news, video, social networking, forum and general information sites. Well, one billion is an enormous number which means the World Wide Web is indeed an ocean and we cannot entirely browse every one of it even if we dedicate every minute of our life doing so. When there are so many websites there’s always a scope to find the most useless pointless or utterly retarded websites on the internet. It s now the time to see this exclusive collection of 15 most useless websites we found on the internet. They may be pointless but some of them aren’t boring at all. If you are a procrastinator you are sure to hook up with one of these websites and probably waste a good amount of time on it. Best Pointless Websites on the internet. If you are bored at work or just wish to take a break at some point during the long and tiring day then you can access the pointless websites for some cheap entertainment. By checking up your social media notifications you aren’t really enjoying your free time. You are just killing it. The pointless websites actually leave you smiling and amused. We have gathered the top pointless websites on the internet which are whimsical yet plain and weird to waste your time on.

Caution. Try not to get addicted. Yeah, they are THAT good 1 Taco Spin These websites take you to a spinning taco. It is very mindless than you can imagine but it comes with an amazing soundtrack. The number of spins you watch will be counted which eventually feels like an achievement. 2 The most seconds It literally just counts the number That is it. It sounds incredibly boring but it sure helps you kill time. 3 Is my computer on. Here’s a handy guide to checking whether or not your computer is on. You will surely become a fan of this one. 4 Random Color. The idea behind Random Color is incredibly simple but at least you get the element of surprise. Every time you refresh the page the entire site turns a new color. Warning Fiddling around with this one for too long will definitely give you a headache. 5 Falling. Falling This color-themed site is a little more dynamic than Random Color but just as pointless. The colors endlessly fall off the page. Totally hypnotic. 6 Useless website Yes it’s as useless as the name promises yet somehow it’s not even the most useless site on this list. Go ahead click that checkbox and believe me yo’ ll keep clicking for way longer than you should.

7 Llama Font. Llama Font is a site made for those few people who reside firmly in the middle of the Venn diagram of typography geeks and fans of South American camelids. You can spell out anything using illustrated llamas. And no matter how long your sentences run these llamas won’t lead you on a high-speed chase. 8 MostExclusiveWebsite Com As the name suggests the website lets only one visitor at a time on the website. You got to wait for a few minutes for your turn. So what’s on the website. Nothing much except a gallery of cats. 9 Purple Com You won’t see anything except a purple background on this website. The website just lives up to its name. 10 Watching Grass Grow Com. The website shows live webcam video of a private property lawn Purpose You can watch the growing grass. 11 TheBestDinosaur Com The domain name surely excites the dinosaur lovers. When you enter the website all you can see is just one picture of the Stegosaurus 12 IamAwesome Com. This is probably the most boring website ever. All you can see on the website is the phrase it’s true on a white background. 13 TenCents Info. If you ever feel so bored that you don’t know what to do with your life you should visit TenCents info and take a long look at the picture of a dime 14 PointerPointer Com. Every time you point the cursor at someplace on the website’s page a picture shows up where people point their finger back at your cursor. Take a look at the website. 15 GiantBatFarts Com The website just shows a giant bat moving across the screen making fart sounds. No one knows why the website owner made the site. 16 HasTheLargeHadronColliderDestroyedTheWorldYet Com Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World.Yet If you are interested to know about it have a look at the website. This website has the answer.

17 Procrastinator. No matter what anyone says cats are the ultimate procrastination thing on the internet. This website takes it up a notch. It features gifs of cats perfectly attuned to well-known tunes. Briefly the perfect cure for buying some time If you want to get to work on the other hand check out our how to beat procrastination guide. 18 Click to remove Like the description says just a pointless game. And one of the most popular useless websites ever. 19 Heeeeeeeey com When you need a bit of encouragement to check out this site. It switches between a long Heeeei To a long Hooo Just like that. 20 Paper toilet One of the most popular debates ever besides the chicken and the egg is probably about how toilet paper should be placed. This funny little browser game allows you to play with a toilet paper roll up and down. 21 Corgi orgy Let’s be honest who doesn’t like corgis. Corgi orgy features an entire army of adorable corgis moving swiftly to a classy upbeat rhythm. See for yourself 22 Ducks are the best. Take your drawings up a notch. This website sprays little ducklings in your browser window according to the direction in which you move your cursor. Also, the background colors change flashing adding to game 23 Sanger dk. How clean is your display? Check out Sanger dk and a pup will lick your screen clean in moments. How can you thank him enough? 24 Find the invisible cow. With over 25 000 000 million animals discovered worldwide. Find the Invisible Cow has to be one of the most popular browser games ever. Ok it's not as popular as Solitaire but still To find the cow you need to move the cursor in the browser. Once you find it you get to level up and look for other animals. 25 Ismycomputeron com As some philosophers would argue nothing is certain in this world. This website will help you get one step closer to what may be one of the most existential questions ever. Visit Ismycomputeron com to kill some time if you are bored 26 Iamawesome com. Are you Or are you not. This website has the answer. 27 Do nothing for 2 minutes. This useless website challenges to sit and do nothing for two minutes. It comes with a very accurate timer that gets reset when you move the cursor. There’s no escaping it.

28 Rrrgggbbb com Create your own tune with this site. It plays a different sound when you hover your mouse over each of the letters creating a unique sound 29 Omfg dogs You thought the corgis were cute. Well, this is cuteness overloaded A bunch of dog pugs included running all over your screen. 30 Falling guy. This desperate little guy goes up or down depending on how you move your cursor. How far down can you drop him 31 Patridge gets lucky Patridge may not look like the coolest guy on the internet, but he sure has some cool dance moves. And he's really into Daft Punks Get Lucky. Check them out you might just get lucky yourself. 32 Every day I’m You know you are. Here’s a cool website that supports that. 33 Make everything ok. Remember that time when you wish you had a button to make everything OK. Well there you go it’s here. Visit Make everything ok. 34 Random things to do. If you’re looking for things to do while you’re bored or unique items for your Bucket list, then this website is a must It features all kind of crazy ideas t 35 What's my Starbucks name. You know your name. But do you know your Starbucks name. Now you can find out 36 Falling falling. There are a lot of optical illusions can do It can actually make you feel like you’re falling. Be careful not to get dizzy while you check this out. 37 Silly Twitter Bio Inspiration for all those times when you need a short bio for yourself. Or a good laugh 38 Pixels Fighting. Who said pixels cannot get into an argument. Which side will win. Visit Pixels Fighting to have some fun. 39 Popopopcorn If you like popping plastic bubble wrap you're guaranteed to find this somewhat satisfying.

Actually it doesn't even come close. Still, give it a try .40 Ffffidget Fidget spinners have been the craze this year. If you don't have one in real life to ease the stress, try this website. The fidget spins as you click around it. What's more, there's a link to buying a real-life spinner. 41 Bacon sizzling. This one is for all the bacon lovers out there. Now you can sit back relax and just watch delicious bacon sizzle. On end How cool is that Check out Bacon sizzling Warning visiting this website may work your appetite for bacon. 42 Dogs are the most moe Ever wanted to pet a dog online Now you get the chance And there's a counter for how often you do 43 Po ta to. It doesn't get more useless than this. It's just a photo of a potato. But what a photo. 44 I has a bucket Probably one of the cutest memes on the internet And probably one of the most useless websites as well. 45 Into time There's nothing like abstract color to make you consider an even more abstract concept color. Spend some time contemplating time while watching the smooth gradient change hues and shades. 46 Endless horse. How long are a horse's legs? Well they can be pretty long. 47 Koalas to the max. This game is basically a digital version of coloring. Play it first to reveal the adorable hidden image. Then keep at it to satisfy your inner perfectionist. Make sure nothing stays hidden. 48 Corndogoncorndog What could be more useless on the Internet than this. It's just the image of two corn dogs with mustard sitting quietly and enjoying the music Nothing Ever Happens. 49 Where is the sloth Test your gaming skills with this groundbreaking browser game Click the browser window to see where that lazy sloth is hiding.

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