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At its core Net Neutrality is a piece of legislature

At its core Net Neutrality is a piece of legislature that lawfully binds ISPs internet service providers Comcast is the largest to treat all web data equally To be more specific ISPs must treat all traffic the same That means traffic from one site let us say CNN cannot be faster load quicker than traffic from another site let us say Dakota State University s portal The technical overview is this if you have a big network and you want to connect to someone else s big network you are providing them connectivity as much as they are providing you connectivity Translatively that means large ISPs do not charge each other for bandwidth This is what settlement free peering is Now what if we have a group of people that want to connect to you These people connect to your network but you do not provide connectivity to anywhere else in the internet You are not an ISP you are just a big site that uses a lot of bandwidth You are not providing connectivity to anywhere the ISP cannot already connect to Net neutrality is about forcing ISPs to give free access networks like this instead of making them pay for bandwidth One of the best examples was phrasing Net Neutrality as a mailing system If you want to mail a package that weighs 10lbs and is full of pictures the post office is going to charge you 15

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