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Nursing Informatics Best Practices

Nursing Informatics Best Practices Patient's data and information privacy have become a debatable issue in the healthcare practices around the world Technology plays a significant role in nurse working in today s dynamic health systems Nursing informatics is the practice and science that assimilates nursing its knowledge and information with communication and information to promote the health of communities families and individuals worldwide The nursing informatics knowledge application is empowering for entire healthcare practitioners in providing the best care to patients Nurse informatics work as creators of information technologies communication chief nursing officers software engineers educators policy developers business owners and implementation consultants to improve healthcare Murphy 2010 To assure the safety data in the healthcare organization or nursing practice the healthcare professionals require being accountable for utilizing information system Strategies Support and Promote Data Security Some of the recommended practice includes optimizing adoption and participatory approach of service delivery Nursing as a practice does not only include the need of patients but on the interpersonal intellectual as well as technical skills as such the skills that will help a nurse promote and support data security Lusardi 2012 

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