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When it comes to writing any paper an individual must start by performing academic research that proves or explains whatever it is that they are trying to tell or show you The research stage is the most important stage it is beneficial to carefully consider all resources whether scholarly or popular The difference between resources that I will discuss are scholarly versus popular Understanding the differences between these two resources is key to writing an essay that has both good quality and accurate information It can be difficult to have a clear depiction of the differences between the resources however looking at where the information comes from determines what separates the two from each other All though this may be true these two resources are not that different from each other They are both used to inform individuals on topics For example an individual could find articles on Alzheimer's disease in scholarly articles which may include a more research based method However one could also find articles on the same topic in popular resources they will be written in a more emotional and simpler manner To put this in perspective I analyzed a scholarly resource and a popular resource as stated above I began my research by looking at the scholarly article Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutic Research The Path Forward Here I noted that the article was published by a professional organization BioMed Central While skimming through this article I noted that the lone expert author is affiliated with the Department of Neurosciences at the University of California Paul Aisen created an analysis layout that is very straightforward and labeled specific sections He begins with an abstract that summarizes the article s main points 

He targets a highly educated audience one that is in the medical profession With very little knowledge on this subject I struggled with most of the language used in the text for example the first two anti amyloid drugs to reach the pivotal stage of development tramiprosate and tarenflurbil failed in phase III All of the arguments like the one stated above are supported with factual evidence with in text citations Paul includes lengthy charts and report conclusions which were reviewed by a board of experts Nearing the end of the article there is an extensive reference list There are also very few advertisements throughout this specific piece of text These are just a few examples that serve as proof that this a scholarly resource On the other hand there is the popular resource I found the article Big Data May Lead to Earlier Alzheimer's Diagnosis located in the Discover Magazine The author Linda Marsa specializes in writing medical technology articles for this magazine This text brings about the idea that Alzheimer's can be detected earlier because of this new data The author interviews researchers at McGill University in Montreal to get an inside look at the data stating these findings could lead to better diagnosis and therapies that target each one of these factors This idea sparks interest for many people that may be affected by or have an interest in the disease Although this article is fairly short nearly fifty percent of the page is pictures charts and diagrams 

These illustrations are beneficial to the article providing evidence and immediately draws the reader's attention Reading through the article I found that the language is very easy to understand and relate to I did notice the absence of an abstract to summarize the article and the absence of a bibliography these are factors of a popular resource This piece targets a mass audience is usually found in stores and serves to entertain and inform readers Although the readers will not receive an in depth look at the subject they will be educated with a small bit of information Together these elements make up a popular resource full of information for general readership on broad subjects Given these points one can see that it is vital to consider all resources before using them Each resource can be used to inform yet the quality and accuracy of the text is important I analyzed a scholarly resource which is one in which the content is written by experts in a specific field of study I understood the purpose of sharing original research This resource type cites resource material used and is reviewed by other experts The audience type is for other experts and students studying that field The content is regarded as advanced and uses a high level of language Examples include Oxford University Press University of California Press American Journal of Sociology etc In contrast I also analyzed a popular resource Although most research is based on scholarly resources popular sources provide a wealth of information as well Resources of this style inform individuals on a wide variety of issues of interest and are less formal in tone and language Examples include CNN USA Today People Magazine etc It is best to use a guideline or continuum to differentiate between the resources Next time you begin your research process take into account these tips to help you As you can see there are many different avenues to explore when doing research Just as people and opinions are all unique so should an individual s list of research sources This will provide a well rounded study of the research topic

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