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Architects can’t resist tripping the light fantastic ELLI WOODMAN

View point Architects can t resist tripping the light fantastic ELLI WOODMAN The current shift of understanding architecture as an intersection between place and event rather than just space and time break a new ground for many architects and critiques Dance and architecture are two disciplines of creativity that sharing a special relationship between each other At a glance Dance is a movement of human body and architecture is a spatial quality experienced by the human body through the movement over time In 2014 the British architect and critique Ellis WOODMAN wrote architects can t tripping the light fantastic in architecture review series about architecture and dance before 14th Venice Architecture Biennale an every two years exhibition that provides an opportunity for architects and designers to exhibit and the director was Rem Koolhaas Woodman discusses the direct bearing of the dance in the development of modern architecture and studying architect le Corbusier and his interest and expression of dance in his sketches and buildings Dance is a movement of human the body throw the space because the dance happening when the dancer listening to the music and produce a reaction through the body movement which is also happening in the space the body movement itself create forms of space 

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