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The gustatory system is responsible for the taste and flavor perspective

The gustatory system is the sensory system that is responsible for the taste and flavor perspective In humans this sensory system is made up of taste cells in the mouth that are able to sense the different types of taste which are salty sweet bitter sour and umami and it is also made up of many cranial nerves and the gustatory cortex The gustatory cortex is important because it is the primary brain structure that is responsible for how differentiate taste and it includes the anterior insula on the insular lobe and the frontal operculum on the inferior frontal lobe which is what makes up this important structure that is used the taste pathway A taste receptor is a receptor that is primarily in the taste buds of the mouth which are found in structures known as papillae There are three different types of papillae that help to taste which are fungiform papillae foliate papillae and circumvallate papillae The last type of papillae which does not contain any taste buds are filiform papillae When food or drink enters the mouth the molecules mix with the saliva and are mostly bound to the taste receptors that are in the oral cavity 

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