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A person's identity is formed by a lot of different Features

Friends religion gender and ethnicity are just a few of so many factors that contribute to making people who they are A few of the factors might play a bigger role in helping a person become who they are while some of them will have very little to no effect at all When a person grows up with a family they are impacted by a lot of features in their life A person's family and lifestyle can play an effect on a person's morals and ethics interests personality and other characteristics in their life A person's friends and types of surroundings that they are around can have an effect on what they choose to wear what type of music they listen to the way that they speak to other people and what type of social events they take part in What a person is interested in is what makes them who they really are and makes them different from others From the way I was brought up society hasn't really made a tremendous impact on my life because I am not that big on trends The biggest types of trends I really don't care for are some types of music some types of clothing some people s personality and the way that some people talk I am not too interested in blending in with the crowd It might be due to the fact that I don't really like to follow others and do what I like to do And maybe the way I was grew up plays a big factor in this I like to live life to its fullest What really gives me a really good feeling is when my blood is flowing my heart is thumping and I have my adrenaline at its peak I think that my personality displays these traits quite well I like fast paced music such as dubstep and EDM 

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