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The Life of George RR Martin

George RR Martin was once a squire but now rules the literary realm George may never have strayed far from home but his imagination had no limits He had several different jobs before he decided to be a full fledged writer George said this quote late in his career There were many times when I was afraid I would never sell another book but I never doubted that I d write another book According to www youtube com George R R Martin once said At a young age I was involved at a Catholic church but wasn't a firm believer Sometime in college I stopped attending church and all I knew is that an invisible being in the sky had made all these laws I thought why would any smart person believe in this According to www georgerrmartin com George RR Martin was born on September 20 1948 in Bayonne New Jersey His father Raymond Collins Martin was a longshoreman and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin He was the oldest of three children 

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The Tragic Hero's Downfall

Throughout life hero's will show up whenever people are in trouble It maybe be the day to day hero s that are seen giving back to the homeless or finding a runaway dog It can also be the hero s that save people's lives everyday but the rarest of all is the tragic hero A tragic hero is a person who has heroic traits but also has flaws that lead to their own downfall or self destruction In William Shakespeare's play Othello Othello is the tragic hero because of his greatness and flaws He is an honorable noble man due to his military ranking and his genuine heart Othello has great control over himself and shows courage Even though Othello is a good person he has flaws One flaw that Othello has is being blinded by people's trust and not seeing their true colors Othello can get jealous easily and is gullible By being blinded and getting jealous easily is how Iago manipulates Othello in believing his wife is cheating Throughout the play Othello has a lot of trust then later get suspicious about things and finally lets jealousy take over him In the beginning of the play Othello has a lot of trust in people especially his wife Desdemona According to the text I do beseech you Send for the lady to the Sagittary And let her speak of me before her father If you do find me foul in her report The trust the office I do hold of you Not only take away but let your sentence Even fall upon my life Act 1 Scene 3 lines 117 122 This shows that Othello has all his trust in his wife Desdemona that he would bet his own life on her and not have any doubts about it Othello also believes that his ensign Iago is trustworthy and so has faith in him In the text Othello says So please my grace my ancient 

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