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Reflection Paper World Religions

Reflection Paper World Religions As we know that Canada is a multicultural country where people from almost every religion reside considering this fact there were many religions to choose from but I chose Sikhism because people following this religion constitute a major part of this country It is difficult where to start from as this was one of the most divine experiences I have ever had I was on my way to Sikh Spiritual Centre located at Westmore Drive Etobicoke This sacred place is usually known as Gurudwara in Punjabi Language which is spoken by the Sikh community When I was outside I could feel the divinity as the atmosphere was so calm and soothing that one feels straight into the lap of the almighty As I am from Hindu religion I knew some of the customs like taking off the shoes and washing hands before entering the sacred place But in the Gurudwara I noticed a unique thing that there were saffron colored scarfs that everybody had on their heads as saffron color signifies sacrifice and martyrdom After wearing the scarf I headed inside of this huge dome shaped palace the floor of which was all carpeted and there were scriptures written in Punjabi Hindi and English so that everyone could understand the preaching given by the Ten Mentors of Sikhism There were pictures of them on the walls with a brief description about them and their sacrifice As every religion has its holy book similarly Sikhism has The Guru Granth Sahib which was decorated with flowers and was enshrined in a small dome shaped structure decorated with lights flowers and covered with a beautiful piece of cloth 

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McMillan tries to convince her audience that she's an Expert

There is many articles out there in the internet that may catch your attention Although these articles do not contain structured facts they do contain some experiences which the author has the gained through life events Many would say what makes a good argument when you don't have that evidence to back you up In this unit I will be taking a look at two articles of two different perspectives of an argument but which will be the best one In order to determine this one must first look at how does the author's word choice reveal her mood or attitude towards the subject of her life or her opponent s position in an argument In the article Why you re not married Tracy Mcmillan explains the many reasons why her audience which consists of 36 year old women have not yet been married

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