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Abstract Software testing

Abstract Software testing is the most significant and time consuming part of software development life cycle It s purpose is to detect software disasters so that failings may be recovered and corrected in early phase Software Testing is a process of confirming that the product software that has been manufactured by programmers is a quality product and to declare that the manufactured product is working conferring to the specification and satisfying the customer requirements There are several methods to software testing but effective testing of complex product is fundamentally a process of investigation not merely a matter of making and following route procedure It is not possible to find out all the errors in the program This fundamental problem in testing thus throws an open question as to what would be the policy we should implement for testing In this paper we have defined most prevalent and commonly used software testing techniques for detecting errors which is Black Box Testing Keywords Black Box Testing Software Testing Software Development Life Cycle Software Quality Introduction Software testing is essential because we all make mistakes Some of those mistakes are insignificant but some of them are expensive or dangerous We requisite to check everything and anything we produce because things can always go wrong it s human propensity

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