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Rough Draft An electrical engineer works on a variety of components systems and devices from small microchips to large generators of power plants Being an electrical engineer is important because with the increase in industrialization an increasing proportion of electric power is used for the lighting of shops offices homes and for exterior lighting Man is freed from heavy physical work through the use of electrical devices Tesla was a brilliant scientist who left a powerful and fascinating legacy Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan Australian Empire current Croatia on July 10 1856 His parents Milutin Tesla was the father of Nikola who was an Orthodox priest and his mother Duka Tesla very an intelligent homemaker Nikola studied in many schools when he was young Nikola studied in many schools when he was young In the Smiljan school he had an education in German arithmetic and religion In 1870 he enrolled in the Higher Royal Gymnasium in Karlovac as he was so intelligent that he finished his four year course in three years in 1873 In the Australian Polytechnic School in Graz in 1875 he received a Military Frontier scholarship He was successful in his first year but in the second year he was there he was involved in some gambling which affected him to do bad which ruined his graduation and did not receive a degree Working at the Central Telegraph in 1881 he worked as a draftsman In 1882 he was hired by the Edison Continuous Company in France In 1884 he was transferred to New York to work for Thomas Edison 

He was helping Edison redesign the DC generators Edison tricked Tesla into improving Edison s inefficient engines and generators which caused Tesla to resign Westinghouse was inspired by Nikola s work so he hired him in 1888 George Westinghouse liked his idea about the more polyphase system which could develop the AC power supply system Tesla and Westinghouse were working on the AC system while competing with Thomas Edison Thomas Edison was trying to sell his DC system but seeing that there were more people interested in the AC system Edison soon conducted a negative press campaign to sabotage people s interest in AC Surprisingly Edison s plans did not go where he wanted them to go where he wanted them to be In 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition chose Westinghouse Corporation to supply rays in Chicago and then Tesla showed demonstrations of its AC system The electrical system of alternating current AC designed by Tesla was the leading food system of the 20th century Tesla filed several patents for AC based inventions by the end of 1887 Tesla built his first AC hydroelectric power plants in 1885 at Niagara Falls Subsequently it was feeding the city of Buffalo New York In the 19th century Tesla established that Tesla Coil was the beginning of wireless technologies Tesla coils are used in radios It also works with a capacitor a device used to store an electrical charge to resonate the voltage of a power source Using its coil to study fluorescence X rays radio wireless energy and electromagnetism in the earth At the New York hotel Tesla was living his last years working on new inventions even when his energy and mental health had disappeared In his last years Tesla was feeding pigeons and affirmed that he was communicating with them He died on January 7 1943 for unknown reasons in a hotel in New York City Then after examining the body he died of coronary thrombosis Nikola Tesla had many accomplishments and accolades Elliott Cresson Medal was awarded to Nikola Tesla in 1894 He was honored with 

The Order of Prince Danilo I in 1895 He was awarded the John Scott Medal in 1934 He also received of Order of the White Eagle in 1936 In 1937 he got the award of University of Paris Medal He had a lot of impact on other people Nikola inventing air conditioning had a great impact on modern technology architecture and lifestyles of people It was better than Edison s DC more people bought AC It was in everyone's home street and buildings If it were not for Tesla we would not have this technology for a couple of years Nikola Tesla had worked very hard to satisfy the world which he had achieved and revealed many ideas to many engineers The spread of civilization may be likened to a fire first a feeble spark next to a flickering flame then a mighty blaze ever increasing in speed and power Nikola Tesla One of the key characters of Nikola was that he persevered When Nikola has obstacles in his life he easily crosses them because he strives to achieve his goals There were some famous inventors who copied his work designs and ideas such as Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi He easily penetrated each obstacle as if it were water I don t care that they stole my idea I care that they don t have any of their own Nikola Tesla

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