Essay Example on An InsPIrational ending After experiencing a traumatic Event









An InsPIrational ending After experiencing a traumatic event like watching your parents and brother die would you be able to overcome this experience or would it haunt you for the rest of your life Pi Patel had to face this in The Life of Pi by Yann Martel Pi had to see his parents die all the while there are vicious animals on the lifeboat In the book Martell states This book has a happy ending but Pi later goes on to tell a human version of the story which is very disturbing Martel initiates a debate of whether or not the story had a happy ending Despite this the story does have a happy ending because Pi survives against all odds and goes on to live a happy life afterwards To begin with Pi's survival is the most significant part of the happy ending Pi hits land 227 days after the cargo ships sinking and says This beach so soft firm and vast was like the cheek of God and somewhere two eyes were glittering with pleasure and a mouth was smiling at having me there 285 This quote shows that Pi is grateful to have finally hit land with God's help This makes the use of his religions and essential skills crucial to his survival The above quote also signifies Pi s appreciation towards small things in life Pi is ecstatic and grateful to finally reach land after the roughest time of his life Despite all the traumatic events Pi experiences his willpower to carry on and survive remains strong as he survives through the impossible being a castaway for 227 days sharing a lifeboat with a tiger and the rough weather he had to go through If Pi died it would disregard the significance of his religious faith Life of Pi has a happy ending because without Pi's survival there would be only loss and no gain In result of Pi's survival he gains a family valuable skills and a new outlook on life 

Furthermore Pi s life after all the traumatic experiences is amazing The biggest tragedy Pi faces is when he loses his parents and brother When Pi tells the human version at the end to the Japanese agent he uses his mom as one of the characters When Pi realizes his parents die it is like the world ended for him In the text Pi states It is like losing I m sorry I would rather not go on I lay down on the tarpaulin and spent the whole night weeping and grieving my face buried in my arms 127 128 This shows the strong bond he had with his family and losing them really took a toll on his mental health All he had was a bond with a tiger who did not even show feelings on the island Richard Parker does not even turn around when they seperate so when Pi can have a real bond it will immensely benefit him He ends up getting married and having two kids They also have pets which overall makes it a happy family In the text Martel states Then Piscine Molitor Patel known to all as Pi Patel bends down and picks up his daughter 93 When Pi is shown living his new life he is portrayed as being happy and living a good life Pi now has a family and he will create memories which will slowly overtake the traumatic experiences of the lifeboat Pi also has a job education and a house which is more than he could ever look forward to on the boat or the Island Other students writing this essay may believe that Life of Pi has a sad ending They chose this argument because Pi s life turned into a traumatic experience ever since he got into the lifeboat Pi also has to live the rest of his life without family In the text Pi states The waiter looked at me critically and said Fresh off the boat are you I blanched He had no idea how deeply those words wounded me 

They were like nails being driven into my flesh I picked up the knife and fork 7 When Pi had Indian food for the first time after his voyage he would never forget it The waiter only said 6 words yet they did not know the massive impact it had on Pi Later in the quote Pi explains the effect it had on him and it seems like a horrible All of this may seem like it is horrendous for Pi but his life gets better and slowly turns back to normal He ends up having a fresh starts and his life becomes wonderful In conclusion despite Pi having to face all the hardships and his slim chance of survival ever since he got onto the lifeboat Pi defied all the odds and survived Pi was the only person to live because of his strong will to live This led Pi to doing things he would never be able to imagine Ever since the lifeboat sank Pi had a strong drive which made him fight for survival when others would have just been cowardly and gave up this also allowed him to move past this traumatic experience and start a new life Because of this mindset Pi was able to have a fresh start and get an education get a job afford a house get married and have two kids The reader can learn important lessons from Pi like never give up and have faith Pi obviously was persistent and made the best of his situation Pi also had faith in the 3 religions and himself which led him a long way

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