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The term capital structure is referred to the percentage of the capital at Work

ant part of wise corporate stewardship and management is trying to find a good capital structure from shareholders return on risk and reward Equity Equity is representing a shareholders ownership of a company The sum of common stock capital surplus retained earnings and other components of equity and minus treasury stock is the total equity which had been invested in a company Equity means giving one party benefits as it is given to another However equity is crucial to ensure that the extent and costs of funds goods and services are equitably distributed among recipients In accounting ownership interest or claim of a holder of common stock and some types of preferred stock of a company According to an annual report of Honda Motor Co Ltd in the year ended March of 2017 the total equity of Honda Motor Co Ltd in 2016 and 2017 show as the following Common share issued by the Company is classified as equity and the proceeds from the issuance of common share are included in common stock and capital surplus 

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