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Positive Classroom Management Critical Review

Critical Review Positive classroom management A step by step guide to helping students succeed Positive classroom management A step by step guide to helping students succeed 3rd ed Thousand Oaks CA Corwin Press Teachers face daily challenges in terms of their students behaviors Indeed they must act constantly to the best of their knowledge and interventions must be effective so as not to jeopardize their students success To achieve this effective classroom management is necessary although it often is a source of stress for new teachers Fortunately several books are devoted to classroom management These books guide teachers by suggesting strategies that facilitate the establishment of conditions that facilitate students learning Despite these publications it is not always easy to adopt strategies that positively impact students behaviors and learning The present publication, however, helps identify key strategies Di Giulio is an American expert educator administrator and psychologist with several decades of experience In Positive Classroom Management A Step By Step Guide to Helping Students Succeed Di Giulio presents concrete and practical tools that favor positive and constructive learning approaches The third edition updates material in the first two editions published in 1995 and 2000

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