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Statement of Purpose My name is and I am applying for a PHD in Business administration Strategic Management and public policy I am a graduate student at Stratford University currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration and expected to graduate at the end of March 2018 with a current GPA of 4 I have a Bachelor's Degree in Economy Major in Accountancy from Damascus University and an associate degree in Economy and Commerce Major in Accountancy In addition I have over 15 years of financial Accounting project and program management administration and managerial work experience with multinational experience through working in distinct locations like Syria Yemen South Sudan Philippines and Ukraine Over the course of my career I have developed a set of strategic skills which prepared me for the next step in my trip toward the PHD program these skills include but not limited to analytical and problem solving skills attention to the details compliance management skills solid time management training and capacity building skills and the ability to deal effectively with human capital and diversified workplace

My interest in the PHD Business administration Strategic Management and public policy at George Washington University comes from the main passion to teach work and research on three domains in the world of business The first domain is strategic decision process having previous work experience in different developing countries helped me in understanding the importance of the strategic management and public policy especially when it comes to the countries that suffer not only from the poverty limitation of accessible resources but also from the natural disasters conflicts and was zones as often with such combination of factors the strategic approach is not available and the decisions usually made on chaotic manner Through reviewing the publication of the faculty members I found the connection of this topic in the publication of Professor Jorge Walter about the strategic initiatives organizational control and the decision making process and I would like to be part of the effort of the strategic management department in conducting more research in this regard Moreover working in the nonprofit sector unveiled the gap between the needs of the community and the vision of the organizations that working on the ground and this is due to the lack of pre assessment of the situation on the targeted community the shortage of the real time investigation that can help in strategizing the response of such organizations and the ability of accepting the change in the process and flow of operation to match the major needs As a result the organizations are wasting a huge portion of the resources and the efforts which would be used for helping the most needy people therefore it is important to emphasize on the strategic process of decision making at each level of operation

Moving to the second interest which is Business Ethics It is a fundamental requirement for the success of any business to be ethical and the ethics are not a temporary fact that can be changed according to the market situation therefore it is imperative to affirm the ethics through the education and the research efforts On a personal level working in the humanitarian sector and meeting the neediest people empowered me to expand my efforts in fighting corruption and working harder with the team to combat any corruption or fraud and this is through applying strict measures and continuous training to assure that the available resources are used for helping and supporting the community and people in need instead of the loss of resources And as a result I was able to train more than 300 employees volunteers and national partners on Anti corruption policies ethics and sexual exploitation and abuse to help support the ethical behavior in the humanitarian environment And finally the third interest is the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and sustainability especially with the increased level of competitions firms are always looking to maximize the profit and expanding the business without giving the required importance to the social impact this can negatively affect the environment the community and the stakeholders

Thus accentuating the importance of corporate social responsibility is vital through future studies and an active role through seminars conferences and continuous research and teaching Not forgetting the importance of conceptualizing new methods to allow the CSR to help in cost saving and higher return in the business world which can help in increasing the interest of firms in adapting the CSR in their business strategy In relation to the business ethics and corporate social responsibility I believe that working in cooperation with Prof Gastón de los Reyes Jr will be a great achievement for future research activities and will support and develop my research skills If been selected the PHD program will equip me with the required tools and knowledge to be able to conduct a comprehensive research in the domain of interest in addition to providing the opportunity to share this knowledge with other fellows in both professional and educational capacity Moreover the program will help in achieving my passion in teaching advocating and advising about the importance and the value of these topics for the success of any business As a conclusion I believe that investing in people supporting the community and contributing to the efforts that the world is putting to support and work toward sustainability are the main achievements I would like to have in my career and personal life Finally I would like to acknowledge that currently I do not have the GMAT test result but if selected I will apply for the test during 2018 Thank you for taking the time to review my application and I would be happy to discuss further with the respective department Your Faithfully Suha Mhanna

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