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The ongoing cybersecurity breaches

The ongoing cybersecurity breaches over the past few years have proven that no one is safe Individuals businesses and government departments are vulnerable to cyber attacks As technological development continues to advance rapidly hackers are becoming more aggressive The attacks are becoming more sophisticated affecting all individuals around the globe Increased growth of these threats is due to lack of knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals to mitigate the attacks A security breach ranges from unauthorized access to data network or devices through bypassing the set underlying security policies and procedures Companies and some governments are employing security mechanism for protection against cyberwar threats espionage and sabotage Current internet and network security threats facing Individuals and businesses 1 Use of AI and machine learning to boost cyber defense Artificial intelligence AI and machine learning are playing a major role in cybersecurity With the increased use of machine learning models to identify attacks they are also at a risk of being exploited by hackers 2 Changing nature of distributed denial of service DDoS Cybercriminals are changing the attack patterns they re using to deny authorized users from accessing network services Users are also trying to come up with techniques to breach security policies they consider to be too restrictive and Bypassing of some of these security policies they dislike opens a security loophole for cyber attacks

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