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Two theories that pertain to how we see human nature

Throughout chapters one and two there were a plethora of theories discussed The test asked us to find two theories that pertain to how we see human nature and how these theories can also be contrary to my views The theories that tie in with my beliefs of human nature are Instinct vs Learning and Aestheticism William McDougall is just one example of an early theorist who believed that instincts play an essential role in human life Aestheticism is all about finding the beauty within what you see around you Instinct is an innate typically fixed pattern of behavior I believe that you are born with instincts and that they are automatic rather than learning to have instincts as you develop The Instinct Theory of Motivation states that all organisms are born with innate biological tendencies that help them survive This believes that instincts drive all behaviors Instincts are patterns or behaviors that are not the result of learning or experience Instincts do not need to be learned in order to be displayed Birds have an innate need to build a nest or migrate in the winter This behavior occurs naturally and automatically For example many people say that women are born with maternal instincts meaning that women create bonds with their mothers as infants called a maternal bond This is something that comes natural to them when they start to have their own children or are surrounded by other infants in their life They developed these maternal instincts as an infant based off of the behaviors of their mothers McDougall believed that instincts play a central role in human life and that instincts operate in diverse behaviors such as fighting curiosity and aggressiveness 

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