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The Growth In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The growth of the characters can be observed not just physically but mentally as well Atticus Finch a lawyer who has penetrating intelligence great wisdom and exemplary behavior plays a big role in teaching Jem and Scout lessons Jem and Scout are the protagonists that grow smarter and learn about the faults in our world as they transition into man and woman and lose their innocence Their change is evident because the tone of the book transitions The book begins with childhood foolishness and develops into a more adult seriousness Jeremy Finch Jem is the son of Atticus In the first part of the book Jem plays with Scout and Dill around Maycomb the town the story takes place and learns about Boo Radley Boo Radley is a recluse who never sets foot outside his house He was once an intelligent child but was damaged by his father Jem plays immature games such as trying to touch the Radley house I know what we are going to play Boo Radley Jem parceled out our roles Scout was Mrs Radley and all Scout had to do was come out and sweep the porch Dill was old Mr Radley he walked up and down the sidewalk and coughed when Jem spoke to him Jem naturally was Boo he went under the front steps and shrieked and howled from time to time 

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