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It is the year 2143 As time passed technology began to improve time flew by faster manipulation seemed easier and power grew to be the core of everything Everybody was divided in some way rich and poor pretty and ugly bad and good etc Consideration wasn t a stage in this sort of mindset The air was polluted and forests were demolished to make room for skyscrapers and apartment complexes Water needed to be filtered as there were still bits of remaining oil and garbage that toxified it Food was accessible but limited and not as easy to attain Some countries were more controlled and some were more advanced but many were just so focused on building an empire for themselves It was difficult because each new and innovative idea to help humanity as a whole was just another target for others to oppose the view of it This happened to the point where the imagery of working together hand in hand wasn t forgotten but was given up on The hype for certain controversial subjects such as race gender sexual orientation and the overall fight for equality has been dialed down More ideas were developed and new technologies were being produced This allowed more drugs to be produced weaponry to improve robberies to increase and more fear to surround each country This fear rose to the point where many felt the need to have to arm themselves Multiple acts of terrorism passed in different areas of the world Year 2179 To prevent any more destruction or breakage to occur different groups of people from different areas of the world came together Each had a certain specialty science and technology medicine and health construction and or leadership 

They worked together and fled to a deserted area in the north regions of Canada Their plan was to create a community blocking out the incidents around them These people became the leaders committee of the community They built an invisible border shielding them from the outside world know recognized as elsewhere With the purpose of slowing down conflict and seemed to learn that the cause of this conflict was each others differences So they created sameness which would keep everybody s individuality different but would keep the general idea of their feelings and lives the same They wanted to keep the people happy and contented without having to battle their own emotions or struggle with others around them They learned to purify water and obtain more resources it being easier to provide for a smaller group of people As the population grew the community had to expand Although it couldn t keep expanding forever So the committee sent people to build and establish different communities some closer and some further Time and generations flew by and they started to take away things piece by piece They took control of the weather to keep the temperature steady and balanced They replaced ripped jeans and crop tops with modest colorless clothes They replaced cars with bikes to keep the environment clean Because they were taking away and cancelling all the things that made up the modern world it seemed as though they were starting to take away the memory of the past This eventually went on to the point where there was no past world and the community and its rules was all that were known Money was not needed anymore though the people of the community still had to work to provide things for themselves At the age of 12 you were to be assigned a job that would stick with you till entering 

The House of the Old You were to be watched from birth studied to confirm which job should be assigned to you From then on you were also to be assigned a partner and child unless you chose not to have children Everyone lived in their own dwellings with their families while working The community was set to be centered on serenity a happy place The chaos of the world was controlled and settled to be run by the committee of the community The citizens and people of this community lived happier and with less conflict In The Giver the importance of sameness is explained Explicitly stating the story says Before my time before the previous time back and back and back We relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did away with differences We gained control of many things But we had to let go of others The community was kept under control on the idea of sameness The text explains how scientists are still trying to master the form of sameness keeping everything in tact The book also explains the situations from back and back and back As the character Jonas receives memories from The Giver he is also faced with the realization of how life was in the past There were good memories such as laughter and joy Though there were also bad memories such as war and loss Jonas had mixed reactions to each memory given I can infer that along with the thought of the saddening moments of today's society he was definitely in shock at how the community differed from modern times the community being pure and without situations like Jonas had experienced Looking back at the past there were reasons why the people around the world had to resort to staying in different communities with the population being altered and controlled Overall certain situations and the breakage of war and humanity caused leaders from different parts of the world to come together creating a plan to save everything The Giver explains how sameness was the key to keeping everything under control and making sure everybody was equally safe Everyone had to come up with a way to prevent themselves from getting hurt or involved in the chaos of the world

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