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User Requirements Document Define and Describe the End User

2 1 2 1 User Requirements User requirements typically describe the needs goals and tasks of the user Maiden 2008 ascertained that stakeholders analysts and designers often fail to differentiate the roles of user and system requirements but unfortunately treating them as the same thing can create problems for the projects as in the mobile B2B application It is encouraged that any user requirements document define and describe the end user and that any measurements of quality or success be taken with respect to the end user of the mobile B2B application User requirements specify the acceptable level of user performance and satisfaction with the system and hence are usually defined after the completion of the task analysis the examination of the tasks and goals of the end user 2 1 2 2 System Requirements System requirements can be defined in two ways First it can refer to the software requirements that describe the capabilities of the mobile B2B application system with which the product will function For example the web site may need to run on an application server and be clustered Second it can refer to the requirements that describe the mobile B2B product itself with the meaning that the product is a system 2 1 2 3

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