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Audio is Powerful and Here s Why Video content has witnessed an unprecedented growth on social media last year with insane statistics that most people might dismiss as fiction when they hear them for the very first time According to a study by SocialMediaToday com videos on Facebook account for 800 million hours of views every day Not every month not every week EVERY SINGLE DAY YouTube on the other hand counts 500 million hours of views every day That is approximately 347K views a minute Those statistics will pave a clear path for brands to realise exactly what they are ought to focus on during 2018 That being said what distinguishes a good video from a bad one It s simple for example if you are watching a very interesting video on YouTube and for some reason the audio is not clear the video becomes completely pointless To know more about the technicalities of audio and the best utilisation methods to make the best out of video production we ve sat with Mr Mohammed Hourani an audio engineering entrepreneur in Dubai and the Owner and CEO of Feedz Pro 

Thank you Mr Hourani for being with us today I hope my voice is clear enough and tuned in at just the right decibels for your convenience Please call me Mohammed or Feedz It s interesting that you mentioned the word decibels in your question because a big part of my job if not all of it is to deal with those babies where only a couple of faulty decibels can define a good audio from a bad one And I reckon this is exactly what why we are sat here today to discuss That s true Firstly I would like to know more of your opinion about the importance of voiceover in relation to videos on social media especially that we ve been seeing a new approach to informative video content in the last couple of years on the various social platforms that relays completely on video and text Well it s critical to realise that not all videos require a voiceover Some videos just speak for themselves whilst voiceover is essential to other kinds of content I ll give you an example from the traditional sphere TV You can never find a National Geographic documentary or film without the penetration of voiceover because it s true that these films can tell a story on mute but voiceover enhances the experience and makes a 1000 times more enjoyable and educational 

The same principle applies to social media videos it really depends on your brand and if voiceover is a preference you d like to introduce to your video content In my opinion voiceover is an important tool when it comes to advertising and describing products and experiences If a pizza chain is introducing a new meal and the idea is a conversation between an older meal and the new improved manifesto of modern food art then voiceover is a justified approach but if the idea is a GIF image that describes the perks of the same meal then there s no point of even thinking about voiceover It depends really Sound Effects are an important part of most videos especially movies and film From what you ve seen on social media are brands using them properly I believe hardcore Sounds Effects belong to the cinema where it s a combination of both visualisation and audio These two things cannot and will not exist without one another in a million year when it comes to the 7th art From a social media aspect sound effects depend on the genre of your content but most of the time simple sound effects can boost the quality of any video whichever genre it comes from I m very happy with what I m seeing from some distinguished brands on social media

They re salting and peppering the right amount of sound effects into their content and that s something that truly pleases me I couldn t resist but notice that part of your company s offerings are Hip Hop commercials What are those and can they be the next big thing in the market especially on social media Hip Hop commercials or HipAds as we like to call them here are in my opinion the way to go forward with the industry Hip Hop as an art is a combination of dazzling musical patterns that most people vibe to because it has a unique beat to it and that s where the fantasticness come in handy Commercials that are Hip Hop based are easy to listen to simple to memorise and quite frankly very engaging And if executed properly and professionally it can literally boost brands sales just because of how cool those commercials are We ve collaborated with many major brands in the region and depending on the final reporting they noticed a peak in their social followers and their brand engagement after they ve published those commercials which is an eye opener to me personally and to the industry as a whole

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