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Frequency of shopping at the hyperstar

Table 6 above shows an average mean score of 2 91 which means that frequency of shopping at the hyperstar had to a moderate extent been influenced by the variables in the above table However attachment of services offered such as warrantees free samples and customer trials and the contents displayed on the Hyperstar magazines given to the loyalty card holders have been used to a very large extent to influence the frequency of shopping The discounts on the electronic products and free gift offers on the shelves had influenced the increased shopping trend to a moderate extent There was an average standard dev of 1 30 Standard deviations for all the variables tested were greater than one implying that there were significant variations in the responses 4 4 The Purchase Decision Process The consumers undergo five stages during the purchase decision 1 need recognition 2 information search 3 purchase decision 4 evaluation of alternatives 5 post purchase behavior There was need to determine the extent to which the sales incentives offered by Hyperstar influenced the mentioned purchase decisions 4 4 1 The need recognition stage This is the initial step in the purchase decision The researchers wanted to find out if the sales promotion variables listed below and used by Hyperstar helped the respondents in recognizing a problem or a need of a certain product or service 

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