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Australia is a country in the world with very concentrated media environment In the past 30years the Australian media has spectacular changes and improvement Television is one of Australian media was changed a lot and the changes influenced the human beings and the social such as the lifestyle Its extensive history shows the significant role of media in introducing its citizens to the potential of television So the television is a typical representation of the media in Australia Therefore this essay will focus on the changes of television in Australian and how it has changed over time and what are influenced by theses changes in the past 30 years The changes of television in Australia in order to a lot of factors the important were ownership politics and the content In the policy it inflicted the process of television in Australia For example television programs started changed from broadcasting Almost all household in the country even in rural areas have televisions sets as a common fixture Every citizen has an access to the media especially when there are two major broadcasting services in the country the Special Broadcasting Service and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which has presence on radio airwaves the web and television This digital era paved way for top of the line entertainment accessories which enhanced the viewing experience of Australians With sleek screens and clear picture viewers were consuming enormous amounts of video online for hour on every day It was in this decade that reality TV started to take off starting with Big Brother Survivor and Australian Idol Jacobs C 2013 para 6 12 

Moreover the television operators need obtain the good relationship with business by the government because the operations was become illegal For the ownership television programs should keep the good operation with the public such as in the government the commercial management Moreover the operation in some companies it is so essential reason in digital industry owing to the government control the operate of digital industries and it influence the development trend and behaviors In the past 30 years the content also influenced the changes of television There are so many different and new forms arises Just like the rest of the world Australia has embraced the phenomenon of reality TV The idea of featuring random regular people and subjecting them into unexpected situations and under the scrutiny of the public is appealing to the audience Game shows self improvement and home improvement programs talent contests and adventure series are among the most franchised in TV format industry Moran 2009 The reality genre allows audience members to feel part of the action and not just merely viewers lounging on their couch Fact and fiction converge in this format which adds to its appeal The reality represented relies mostly on the production staff as they create and choreograph situations which can be engaging and relatable to the viewing audiences 

The reality aspect is downplayed and is replaced by an illusory everyday that acts as a mirage where viewers can see the norms and narratives that they want to see However reality TV also incorporates national cultural elements which serve as an aspirational view of nationalistic ideals As citizens watch these shows a feeling of social identity and shared common cultural and political core is bolstered Price 2010 Globalization and digitalization has made television ubiquitous Advancements in technology have revolutionized the way people perceive the viewing experience The television experience of Australians continues to improve as TV sets are converted into digital There are currently 18 7 million sets in the country with an average of 2 2 per household Online video streaming services have become mainstream with millions of viewers watching thousands of videos every day As broadband services become faster the flexibility of downloading and streaming makes it easier for subscribers to watch their favorite shows anytime anywhere Watching TV has now become as easy as opening an app then pressing play 

Television is currently in a huge transition phase and people expect to have access to diverse and excellent content Virtual and augmented reality will be the future of television viewing as new gadgets and different platforms are developed Molloy 2016 para 14 17 The influence of television on society is profound and there are beneficial and harmful effects It plays an important role in bringing about needed change by providing necessary information to the concerned people This information brings people and even nations much closer and together they can make powerful changes for a better world The television has continued to serve its purpose in providing entertainment and information to the people It can also be used as a brainwashing tool to push for any ulterior agenda To maximize its potential proper guidance of shows and censorship must be implemented Just like in any technological advancement the television has constructive and destructive roles It is entirely up to the person and society as a whole to choose how to make use of this innovation In conclusion although after again overmuch years the television program still is significant and can not be replaced In order to television and radio programs are the most reality and clearly to show the news and the information Moreover the television program is the mass medium for education politics ownership advertising and entertainment It represent the development of history and television program is the central role in the socialization also it include negative aspects However the website of the good things about television argued television program would stay so powerful status and it is the most effective learning for human

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