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Instructional Hierarchy Through my extensive Research

Instructional Hierarchy Through my extensive research from the course materials outside sources and my own teaching experiences I discovered the four tiers of the instructional hierarchy for reading progression I have been fortunate enough to have work closely with these four tiers throughout my twelve year teaching career in the fourth grade classroom The four tiers are as follows generalization fluency acquisition and adaptation During acquisition phase I have worked with students who have begun to learn how finish the target but it is not yet fluent The ultimate goal in this phase is to improve and increase fluency and accuracy Phonological awareness is the intervention I have used in this tier and found it to be successful I've used this to assist students in forming the background and foundation for phonemic awareness This awareness is essential to understanding the alphabetic rule that letters mean the sounds of all words Using these metalinguistic skills the child is instructed in phonics and then learns to decode words correctly 

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