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The long standing objections leveled against the Quran

The long standing objections leveled against the Quran by critics is how it appears to have a structural unity and lacks anything of the kind of orderly arrangement Arguments include that it is riddled with unsettling shifts of scene location subject and is filled with unpredictability which results in conclusion that the Quran is just a remarkable compilation of unrelated passages at best I will attempt to analyze several of the Quranic verses based on our assigned readings with linguistic stylistics and analyzing the recurring themes throughout the surah to prove that there exists a stylistic unity in the Quran In this analysis I will focus on the Quranic surah The Dawn 89 In this surah the contents show that it was revealed at the beginning phase of persecution of the new converts to Islam had begun in Mecca The people of Mecca have been warned of cataclysmic end of the great tribes of Ad and Thamud and of the Pharaohs kingdom Its theme is to uphold the allocation of rewards and retribution in the afterlife the presence of an omnipotent God and a critique to the general ethical state of mankind In the first verse the oaths may generally imply that the alternation of the day and night cycles in the sense that the dates of the month go on altering from the 1st to the 2nd and from 2nd to the 3rd and so on then every alteration brings with it something new This of course can be a clear interpretation of a symbol of regularity that exists in the night and day cycle and swearing oaths by these raises the question for mankind 

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