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The use of social media has increased over the years

The use of social media has increased over the years and usually takes place while being in the workplace People now comment share like and tweet every aspect of their lives on social media According to Polk Lepson Research Group 2013 IT abuses have increased over the past five years among new college graduates Major Findings A growing concern for employers is how to manage their employees social media use and its potential impact on their brand This brings to light the need for all companies to have their own social media policy or process in place The enormous growth and accessibility of social media are the primary causes attributed to the emerging issue of social network vs company rights Social media is used to share information and facilitate communication both internally and externally Additionally collaborative technologies are effective channels for teamwork understanding and building relationships Organizations that utilize social media need to constantly assess the benefits and manage potential risks Benefits include open communication professional networking access to a broader audience and fostering diversity and inclusion Risks include lower employee productivity compromised network and data security and a variety of legal issues 

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For years the Battle of Vimy Ridge

However it is more probable that this symbolism is negative because there is nothing according to the Christian faith that justifies a mass killing during Easter during a major celebration In addition Britain had control over Canada s foreign policy international affairs over the duration of war Consequently when Britain declared war Canada was forced to fight Canadians had no true intentions to fight other than to fulfill colonial obligations and to maintain their growing military status Moreover when the Allies suffered an overall loss at the Battle of Arras of which Vimy was a part of the casualties suffered during Vimy were unnecessary The Great War was clearly also not a war to end all wars as it was quickly followed by ww2 a few decades later As well while some archeology of the battle i e Human bones bottles wire shell fragments bombs is concealed by grass that has since replaced the muddy trenches of war the general landscape of Vimy remains scarred with thousands of hilly depressions This is recognized by several soldiers in their war diaries and letters as tragic and pitiful Nevertheless some merit should still be given to the tactical approach of the British and Canadians the critical execution of plans the bravery of the soldiers and the unity of the Canadian Corps for the first time on the battlefield Australian Corps commander General Sir John Monash once said that in a well planned battle such as Vimy Ridge history could not be written However many historians think otherwise Despite the meticulous planning the 4 Canadian divisions each faced unique obstacles during battle The editors of Vimy Ridge A Canadian Reassessment conclude that not only did the Canadians have an intelligent military leader to give detailed instruction Sir Julian Byng but also an influential one who inspired leadership bravery and discipline Furthermore Canada was a young nation which desired for a heroic and enduring myth to bring unification to the country and to give people hope for the future After victory at Vimy Canada was driven into a Vimy fever which largely influenced the declaration of Canada's maturity At the time of the battle Canada was only 50 years old and was only known to the global stadium as Britain s junior partner In 1919 Canada was offered a position in the League of Nations People viewed this honorary invitation as a sign of Canada being recognized as Britain s equal and thus declared Vimy as the birth of Canadian national pride

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