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Discipline is a way parents teach their children things

Discipline is a way parents teach their children things before they face the world and have responsibilities Many parents do not tolerate misbehavior which leads them to enforce aggressive punishments on their children Most of the time there are children with tempers which stems from their home experiences Parents use physical punishments with their young children which teaches them that being aggressive is accepted Spanking is one of the oldest debated parenting practice lasting throughout several generations it's a method of discipline in which a parent hits a child in response to the child s intolerable behaviour Deliberately hitting a child can affect their physical behavior mental behavior and may become a form of child abuse Even though discipline is a crucial component in teaching a child lessons there is a balance between spanking and punishments without abuse Spanking is associated with parents attempting to correct their child's behavior often out of frustration with their misbehavior Even though spanking exists in every country it differs from each family

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