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Bullying is becoming a daily Problem

INTRODUCTION As we all know bullying is becoming a daily problem and occurs in all schools but its importance and welfare is questionable Sometimes we bear in mind why does a child tend to become a bully and what emotional effect have these action at other childrens Well this question does not have a simple response although on one hand it can be studied as a normal and typical developmental action on the other it can be considered as a serious source of emotional stress and physical issue Different people abuse for different reasons like some people find it a good way to get satisfaction in this way because they do not feel good with themselves and by making others feel bad it will bring them pleasure some others abuse because they want to show others who is the leader and to be in the center of attention while others are abusing because the families they live in are tolerant of violence However bullying behaviors are indicative of the fact that those who exercise bulling do not know how to control and manage their aggressiveness Victims on the other hand do not speak because they feel helpless and think that by speaking they would make the situation worst In this way tend to be in a bad emotional state and suffer from depression The consequences of bullying in children who are in the role of the victims are mental problems children who have fallen prey to bullying have higher risk of depression anxiety insomnia lack of confidence and thoughts of self injury to suicide 

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Lost to the Ages Lodovico Giustini the Baroque Era

Beginning Piano Period 2 Lost to the Ages Lodovico Giustini the Baroque Era Lodovico Giustini was born on December 12 1685 in the town of Pistoia Giustini lived his whole life in Tuscany Italy Giustini was born into a line of musicians and he would similarly devote his the majority of his life to music For example Lodovico s father Francesco was an organist at the Congregazione dello Spirito Santo Lodovico would later succeed his father as an organist in 1725 Lodovico s uncle Domenico was the composer of a mass for twelve voices and choir and his great uncle Francesco served for fifty years as a singer in the cathedral choir On a similar note Giustini would compose organ and choir music in the future none of these works have been recovered Despite the fact that he also composed the very first works for piano Giustini did not gain much recognition at the time and thus continues to remain obscure to this day Giustini died at the age of 58 in 1743 After Lodovico succeeded his father as organist at the Congregazione he went on to compose sacred music namely cantatas and oratorios In 1732 Giustini would publish his 12 Sonatas

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