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Abundant debate for the exact pathology of lateral Epicondylosis

There is abundant debate for the exact pathology of lateral epicondylosis and there still exists no agreement Existing evidence following surgical intervention shows that it is a chronic disorder and instead of inflammatory cells there is presence of degenerative changes like increased fibroblasts and disorganized collagen These findings contradict the extensively used term epicondylitis which designates an inflammatory disorder There has been recent recommendation that the term epicondylitis be replaced with epicondylitis which is a more precise descriptor of the underlying degenerative process 9 13 The degenerative process in this condition is said to originate due to repetitive microtrauma A few examinations looking at the surgical examples and cadaveric examples demonstrate that this condition develops through a gradually developing phases starting with degenerative angiogenesis and closures with fibrosis and calcification 14 This condition is encountered by approximately 2 5th of the common population sooner or later during their lifetime The incidence is found both in men as well as in women aged 35 54 years The documented prevalence is found to be 4 7 for each 1000 patients going to therapeutic setup Up to half of every one of the tennis players additionally encounter some sort of elbow torment with 75 to 80 of these grievances inferable from lateral epicondylosis 15 25 It is for the most part trusted that tennis players utilizing a double hand strike seldom suffer from tennis elbow as the nondominant arm seems to assimilate more of the stroke energy resulting in alteration of the biomechanics of the swing

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Pollution is not a Thing of the Past

Pollution is not a thing of the past it is still striving in the air as well as our water supply there are many ways to prevent pollution There are many different types of pollution in the world water pollution is caused because of how much trash gets thrown into the ocean as well as all the nuclear waste we deposit into our water sources Soil pollution is caused mainly by mankind due to the fact of not disposing waste properly from factories or as well as urban sources Natural soil pollution is caused by an excess accumulation of perchlorate which has not been reported in many cases Perchlorate is a naturally occurring and manufactured chemical anion that consists of one chlorine atom bonded to four oxygen atoms There is many ways we can cut down on pollution in the world a few of them are Hydrogen cars Electric cars Fueling Stations wind energy and hydropower There are many different types of pollution in the world some cause more pollution than others but it's still bad for the environment Methane comes from cows when the let loose the gas in there bodies and than it raises the temperature as well it pollutes the air that we breathe Negative effect of methane on the climate and our air is twenty three times higher than the effect of carbon dioxide Time For Change Soil pollution is something that affects the plants and how our food grows therefore it's very bad for the environment Pollution is caused by everyday is that when we start up our cars or we burn gasoline or just put natural gases into the air

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