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Gender Social Media and Gender Difference in the Usage of Facebook Research

1 Introduction This research has been made to have an overlook at the gender social media and gender difference in the usage of Facebook Gender is mostly wrongly known in society Gender should not be defined only with sex Sex comes from biology and anatomy Gender should be defined as a deserved or reached statue in the society Gender means something we preffer or chosing to be someone Humans are not born to be only man or woman They have right tob e who they want this is their social life At this point gender sex are split Social media can define as a activity of common interest on internet There are several applications recently on the web such as Facebook Twitter Instagram There are different purposes of using them Photo sharing communication Locations definations and posting for example At the last years usage of social media has grown so fast Compare with previous years different age and gender groups have also been intagrated into users zone Except being social media they are also being used for business purposes as well It is one of the reasons that social media is playing that important role currently 2 Gender Gender Differences In Usage Of Social Media 2 1 Gender And Society It is very common statement that gender and sex divides the labor into parts According to George Murdock s researches by using 224 countries as sample within the research results that sex is an important factor while splitting economical activities

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