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William Blake Confusing You Since 1790

William Blake‚Äôs attitude toward religion is one that is abstract from what others perceive religion as or how to act His critical perspective is seen throughout his works of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Blake saw religious institutions as useless creating indirect personal connections by introducing a middle man while blocking personal direct relationships and connections to God something Blake emphasized greatly in his work A Memorable Fancy In addition to A Memorable Fancy he uses the poem Songs of Innocence to emphasize the point that institutions are damaging connections but to also shed light to a bigger meaning For every thing that lives is Holy William Blake criticizes the role of religious institutions as well as the ideas of hell to prove that we are all naturally dedicated to God William Blake's religious view on institutions is overwhelmingly negative He claims that these institutions are misguiding in their preaching by painting Hell in a negative light while also claiming the ability to see their future Blake recounts an event in which the angel claims his actions are pushing him towards hell Blake asks if he can see what his future is like and is taken through a stable and then a church So he took me thro a stable thro a church down into the church vault at the end of which was a mill ii 4 3 After some time the angel leads Blake till a void boundless as a nether sky appear d ii 4 3 4 These statements lead upon Blake s perspective that institutions are mis preaching about Hell Blake uses the location of his future a hot burning dungeon ii 

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